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Horny Chav Window-Cleaners Use & Abuse A Pair Of Brit Emos! HD

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Added: 21/April/2013
Duration: 31 minutes, 21 seconds
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Window-cleaners can be a fucking kinky lot on the quiet, peeping through other people’s windows to see what’s going on inside; but Josh Jared and Fraser Jacs take such voyeurism to a whole new level in this magnificent foursome. Why, these two young horny chavs think nothing of interrupting Skye Romeo and Jaye Elektra’s romantic coupling during the course of their rounds, and are soon thrusting their magnificent uncut dicks in the direction of the bewildered Emos.

Not that either Romeo or Elektra appear befuddled for very long. Indeed, these two skinny runts are soon doing exactly what their unexpected visitors tell them to do, sucking each other off whilst Jared and Jacs watch and wank, before using a double-headed dildo to fuck each other for the window-cleaners’ pervy amusement. It’s all weirdly hot; and the temperature in that council flat only gets hotter when the two chavs decide it’s time to fuck the living daylights out of their guests. Not that Romeo and Elektra’s humiliation is yet complete.

Having taken turns to make sure the twinks are well-worked in, Jared and Jacs demand that the lads fuck each other; before screwing them a final time and then simultaneously splattering their faces with oodles of fresh jizz. Minutes later, and with the chavs having pissed off, Romeo and Elektra are left to enjoy their own private wank-off session – used, abused, but now as content as fuck!

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