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Two Double-Penetrations For The Price Of One, As Three Soccer Boys Fuck & Suck Off-Pitch! HD

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Added: 21/July/2013
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Every young lad enjoys a game of soccer, but for some it’s the perks that go along with playing the sport that serve as the biggest attraction – spending all that time in close proximity with other horny boys being one classic example! So we shouldn’t be at all surprised when Oscar Roberts and Cody Reed escort Jake Zhang off the football pitch for a little off-the-ball fun and frolics in the long grass.

Of course, what they know at this point that you probably don’t is that Zhang is one fuck of a cock-whore – a fact that quickly becomes apparent as he sucks both his mates off. Yet his true credentials aren’t really put to the test until Roberts and Reed decide to up the ante somewhat by double-fucking their buddy, which they achieve with almost breathtaking ease. Indeed, you’re left to wonder whether this is the first time that Zhang has ever done this or whether he’s something of a secret pro such is the skill with which he rides both those meaty uncut knobs.

Mind, he’s not the only one with hidden talents here. Having been party to Zhang’s double-stuffing, Reed promptly attempts to prove that whatever his mate can do he can do better. So cue a second DP session – this time with Reed at the centre of proceedings – before all three lads finally reach the point of no return and toss themselves off in a frenzy of cum-lust!