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Lost For Words? Kurt Maddox Lets His Ass-Hole Do The Talking On A Big Black Uncut Monster! HD

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Added: 06/June/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 49 seconds
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We’ve probably all been in situations where a linguistic barrier has prevented a full flow of information from one party or parties to another, but whether we’ve tried to overcome such difficulties in quite the unorthodox manner that Kurt Maddox adopts here with Devon LeBron is another matter entirely. Then again, it’s true that there are certainly times when actions speak louder than words; and whilst the young twink could spend hours trying to communicate with the horse-hung Dominican via more traditional means, his decision to rip into the black dude’s trousers and suck on the mammoth-sized dick inside means that the two guys are on the same wavelength in moments!

Indeed, it’s with almost instinctive clarity that LeBron seems to know exactly what Maddox is after, and it’s no time at all before the fellow’s giving the youngster a textbook lesson in big black cock appreciation! In truth, of course, it’s not exactly something that the Brit lad appears to be in much need of being taught; though whether the lad quite anticipates just how quickly he’s going to find himself laid out on a desk with every one of LeBron’s ten inches of wrist-sized dick thrusting up his ass is open to conjecture.

What we can say, however, is that he gives a world-class reception to the king-sized phallus, eventually riding the monster like a pogo-stick before working out quite a wad in the process. It only remains for LeBron to wank off into Maddox’s face to mark the end of a premier coupling all round!