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Horny Little Dick-Fiend Enjoys A Hard-Hitting, Ass-Stretching Sling Fuck! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 18)
Added: 09/July/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


Some guys like to be treated with respect and made to feel of value – but that’s not something that young Oscar Roberts is looking for, that’s for sure. In fact, this horny little slut literally can’t wait to be laid out in a sling, with his hands and feet tied and his ass open and ready for whoever walks in through the door! Which in this instance just happens to be Daniel Johnson – a rather determined fellow, who seems to know instinctively how to treat a lad who clearly has no self-worth or self-respect.

Ripping Roberts’s shirt from his chest and promptly pushing his dick down the boy’s throat, Johnson immediately establishes himself as the major power in this encounter, and is soon casually thrusting a donkey-sized dildo up the bottom’s nicely lubed arse. Needless to point out, Roberts shows little difficulty in taking the monster; followed by a succession of ass-stretching toys that most guys his age would almost certainly balk at.

But what Roberts wants inside him most of all, of course, is Johnson’s dick, and you can almost hear the sigh of relief from the lad when the top finally slips his rock-hard knob right between his fuck-buddy’s ass-cheeks! Cue a tremendously raunchy and hyper-energetic session of man-on-man sling-sex that will almost certainly have you jerking away with much the same gusto as Roberts himself; and which finally crescendos with a copious volley of pent-up jizz from both of these dirty-minded fuckers! A must-see for any lover of mindless fornication!

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Too many condom scene vids appearing on status!!

whatsacondom, 09/July/2014

So nice to see Oscar again ! My number 1 Uk Staxus model is back for a nice scene made on a sling. We all know how hard it is to perform on a sling, to shoot someone on a sling, but Oscar and Dan did their best. As I mentioned before, love the film's colour, the ambiance, and the sound either. And, of course, will never get tired with Oscar ;). Will never forget his smile (we can see it on the pics). Great job, guys

Vaclav, 09/July/2014

I agree, way to many condom scenes. Every second one now a days are condoms. Enough already!!

buttbuster69er, 09/July/2014

Hi guys! You will have to agree that most scenes on Staxus are in fact bareback. Problem is not all models agree to shoot bareback scenes. This is just for model diversity, if we want more models and a more diverse model base, we need to shoot some condom scenes (in particular most popular UK models won't do it bareback). We try to convince most of them but some will never accept (for example Luke Desmond). However the scene is nice, the models are good and I hope using condoms doesn't turn you off that much.

Staxus - Andy, 09/July/2014

Very hot vid, if you have been reading my comments and I know you have, you know I love vids with an edge. If I had a suggestion on this one it would have been to have gotten him out of the sling near the edge to try a few other positions. But it's a small point. As for Condoms, I don't like them as much as raw but they are a fact of life. Most Gay vids in the states use them. While I'm watching the vid if its a good one I often forget a condom is involved.

bobby, 09/July/2014

Oscar is seriously cute but I prefer him in threesomes/group scenes. He's the kind of guy who you want to see involved in a bit of DP action. Not a fan of slings, but like handcuffs and gags. On the whole, a nice enough scene.

Funtime, 09/July/2014

Exactly the way I see him used. hand cuff gags DP but no more that two other tops and oh black ones would he the cherry on top.

bobby, 09/July/2014

Le fait que certains modèles refusent de tourner sans préservatif ne me dérange absolument pas. L'essentiel est que les scènes soient bonnes et celle-ci l'était. A l'attention de Monsieur ANDY : je constate que tous les modèles sont aujourd'hui logés à la même enseigne puisque le site leur attribue à tous la note exceptionnelle de 0/5. Quant à cette scène, elle est notée le 09/07/2014 à 19h35' : 6.1/5 ? Cela me semble incohérent. Je ne doute pas une seconde que vous soyez un professionnel de l'informatique mais il me semble que certaines anomalies doivent être rectifiées. Cordialement

PASCALOUX, 09/July/2014

Scene is good, although I m not such a huge fan of slings etc... We can understand the point with UK models not willing to bareback for Staxus, which is however primarily a BB site and surely the main reason why we enthiusiastilly subscribe to. You may then consider other nationalities : so many other hot guys all over. Take care.

Christian, 09/July/2014

Hi Guys, the idea was that we would shoot some of the bigger name UK models so that our members could see and enjoy them on Staxus, however a lot of them wont do bareback work (example Luke Desmond as Andy pointed out above). It seems that the general feeling is that the majority would rather see just bareback scenes, so we will concentrate more on these from now on. Michael

Michael - Staxus, 10/July/2014

Michael keep the mix, most like the brits and they're are lots of other cute twinks that I would like to see even if it's condom only. I'm in the US and I'm used to condoms. Two American sites, Men and Helix are good. Men is almost all condom and Helix is 50%. BTW I dropped Helix, too many twiinks fucking other twinks, to many bottoms having to play top. But you might steal a few of there cuties I'm sure the guys here would find them hot and a lot do go bare. Just buy Scotty Clark a ticket and put him up for a week he's so hot he will melt the screen. Sorry to go on so.

bobby, 10/July/2014

Hi Bobby, Feel free to go on as much as you want, the feedback is always appreciated. And I'm actually talking to a couple of Helix boys at the moment. So... watch this space. M

Michael - Staxus, 10/July/2014

LOL, let it be scotty. Thanks for your response. I'm enjoying the exchanges almost as much as the vids. It's nice to know someone is listening. Don't worry I'm not going anywhere I re upped for a year.

bobby, 10/July/2014

I'm sitting here with Kurt Maddox at the moment who has the BIGGEST grin on his face at the mention of Scotty Clark but alas its not Scotty Im talking to. I'll let you in on who once I have some more definite details. And glad to hear you have renewed :) M

Michael - Staxus, 10/July/2014

Bonjour Pascaloux! Nous avons corrigé l'erreur de notation (la nouvelle licence de site passe automatiquement du 1 à 5 pour 1 à 10 étoiles quand nous avons changé de nouveau quelques notes sont restés 1 à 10 sur 5. Tout devrait être fixé maintenant!

Staxus - Andy, 11/July/2014

Interesting comments. I will point out something Scotty Clarke never did a bb scene except with his then BF Zach. And that brings up my point if the sex is hot I completely forget condoms some of the hottest Helix stars wont do bb (Evan Parker,Andy Taylor) and same is true of some of my fav Staxus UK boys. While I would prefer to see bb and dont understand the issue with modern testing I want to see Hot Models & great pairings and accept if they choose a condom. Attitudes among models are changing over here when the biggest US Pornstar Austin Wilde has gone bareback on his site after 7 years as a condom only model. (and he is tested)

DeWayne in SD, 13/July/2014

I'd just like to comment on the "bareback/UK" discussion here: Staxus themselves position the site as ", dedicated to gay bareback videos and some of the sexiest twinks and European jock boys you're ever likely to find!". I do believe that indeed most subscribers appreciate just that: bareback sex between sexy European twinks and studs. If most UK models don't want to do bareback, it's their joice - but then Staxus should not shoot with them, however "famous" they may be or perceived to be. I don't see any particular reason why you'd need to work with UK models in particular, if the whole continent has a wealth of hot models eager to work without condoms, including those in the Czech Republic/ Slovakia / Hungary - except maybe that Michael needs to be kept busy ;-) So... it may be acceptable to have some condom scenes now and then, but definitely not every second one - or else you totally lose your USP compared to the millions of US sites. I renewed my subscription just two weeks ago, even though hesitating, but bareback sex (including seeing cum in faces, mouths and asses which I frequently miss even in your recent "bareback" scenes) was among my primary reasons to give Staxus another chance... Keep up the good work you have been loved for in the past! :-)

Nympho_Maniac, 15/July/2014

oh, just to avoid being misunderstood: with my above statement, I did not mean to limit the Staxus scope to mainstream plain vanilla sex between white European twinks only: I absolutely do support also the more "kinky" niches like the "dungeon/sling/bondage" scenes lately, as well as, e.g., "big black cock" from your occasional Dominican scenes... very nice for a change! But I do think bareback is one of the key characteristics... and bareback is more than fucking with condoms, it also means cum everywhere... at least that's how I understand it.

Nympho_Maniac, 15/July/2014

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