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Two Horny Tops, Two Cock-Crazed Bottoms, One Beach. Result? One Fucking Hot Foursome! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 31)
Added: 13/July/2014
Duration: 20 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


The music, the bright sunshine, the sight of four gorgeous young guys frolicking together on the beach ... geez, the opening few moments of this stupendous outdoor fuckfest could almost be mistaken for a publicity offering for some up-and-coming boy-band. As it happens, however, the fact that the lads in question are Paul Walker, Orlando White, Mickey Taylor and Pedro White tells you pretty much straight away that it’s “up-and-cumming” of a far more carnal nature that’s set to be concentrating attentions here – and so it proves, as the horny quartet head straight for their dug-out in the sand-dunes for an immediate (and very satisfying) session of explicit, deep-throating fellatio courtesy of the inked pairing of Taylor and Ribeiro.

Indeed, there’s no questioning the fact that White and Walker are very much the dominant parties in this escapade – first eagerly face-fucking their two beach-buddies, then fucking them both with much the same level of high-octane energy. Not that anyone who knows these fellows would ever expect anything else from either top – least of all Brit-boy Walker, who quite blatantly lives for sex and the next hungry hole.

And let’s face it, if it’s hungry holes you’re looking for then these two power-bottoms can supply all the accommodation you will ever need – as Walker and White discover, taking turns to swop ass-holes like it’s mating-season on acid! All in all, then, a totally rampant, ball-bustin’ set-piece that’ll have you squirting long before all four cocks on offer pump out their own generous wads of creamy, satisfying spooge!