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Twink-Time Fun In The Jacuzzi Leads To A Hot Fuck & Oodles Of Fresh Boy-Juice! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 31)
Added: 14/July/2014
Duration: 25 minutes, 34 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s no fucking wonder that cute twinks Chase Hunt and Mike James are feeling as horny as fuck. For one thing, of course, they’re both hot guys who are at an age when they’re quite unable to think of anything other than hard cock and tight ass! For another, they’ve spent time in a Jacuzzi together – and most of us know from personal experience how those bubbles can leave you feeling hyped-up and quite literally ready for anything.

So it’s no surprise whatsoever to see both these guys stripping out of their briefs in pretty much the first thirty seconds of this stupendous, cock-creamin’ episode – which naturally leads to a great deal of eager dick sucking and even a bit of ball play courtesy of Hunt’s lanyard! Soon both lads are laid out top-to-toe and engaging in a fine display of mutual fellatio; but it’s James who’s got the real horn for raw dick, and before you know it he’s laid out with his legs akimbo openly inviting his buddy to thrust inside him. An invitation, it has to be said, that a guy like Hunt is never gonna refuse in a million years!

Cue a fantastic show of man-on-man rutting that’s almost certainly going to push you to the edge more than once; culminating in James riding Hunt’s swollen shaft cowboy-style in an apparent bid to enjoy the maximum penetration possible! And who can blame him? When you’re as horny as this boy it’s hard not to act the animal, and we doubt it’ll come as a surprise to anyone when he blows his wad into Hunt’s open mouth. Leaving Hunt to wank out his own fine spray of pent-up boy-juice all over his finely defined abs!

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Very hot vid. love the hot smooth bodies.

bobby, 14/July/2014

Joyeux quatorze Juillet pour tous nos membres Français! Vive la France!

Staxus - Andy, 14/July/2014

And for our English members - today we have an extra scene as it's the national day of France (and Chase Hunt is French :D)

Staxus - Andy, 14/July/2014

Une scène exceptionnelle pour la fête nationale française et j'en suis ravi. En revanche Monsieur ANDY, j'ai toujours beaucoup de mal à comprendre les notes attribuées à vos plus beaux modèles et à vos meilleures scènes par votre nouveau site. Lesdites notes ont été divisées par deux par rapport à l'ancien site ( Brad FITT était noté hier soir 2.5/5 ?).

PASCALOUX, 14/July/2014

Nice scene. Both performers are cute and sexy. Love Mike James and Chase Hunt is always a runner !

christian, 15/July/2014

I felt I had to criticise a lot of scenes lately, for lack of passion, sucking/licking/rimming action, and cum/facials/cream pies. -- I liked this one a lot a lot better though. Really totally sexy models with great faces and smiles, hot bodies, good dicks... and fortunately nice sucking, throat fuck, and rimming action besides nice fucking/riding! I know you can't expect two guys to come simultanaeously, but it would be great to see at least one of them coming to a climax from the sex they have (i.e., fucking) rather than wanking by themselves... even if this one at least had sort of a facial at the end.

Nympho_Maniac, 15/July/2014

Chase Hunt" may or may not be French. One thing he is definitely is chubby and unattractive. Merci beaucoup.

JohnRHughes, 17/July/2014

"Chase Hunt" may or may not be French. One thing he definitely is: chubby and unattractive. Merci beaucoup.

JohnRHughes, 17/July/2014

@JohnRHughes, if you think Chase is "chubby" and "unattractive" then you probably have a severe eating disorder and possibly cataracts too. It's the most nonsense I've heard all month. Stop trolling.

Tommy, 17/July/2014

In my opinion, Chase is beautiful and is definitely not "chubby" or "unattractive", if JohnRHughes feels that these words describe Chase then that's his opinion but I'm sure that the majority love Chase as all of the other comments are positive.

Funtime, 18/July/2014

la remarque de JohnRHughes sur un surpoids inexistant de CHASE est déplacée et inconvenante. Je ne peux accepter les commentaires qui portent atteinte à l'intégrité physique des modèles. J'invite donc ce personnage à présenter auprès de STAXUS sa candidature pour devenir lui-même modèle et tout le monde pourra ainsi juger sur pièce son aspect physique.

PASCALOUX, 18/July/2014

Everyone is entitled to his opinion. "Pascaloux", try not to be ridiculous.

JohnRHughes, 20/July/2014

Mike James is an amazing model here on Staxus. And his eyes don't lie ! On minute 15.30, we can see how he was loving making this moment. Mike : no more words needed.

Vaclav, 24/July/2014

Handsome, lean, beautiful big-cocked Mike is spectacular. Mike, we love you.

dennis, 29/July/2014

Hot scene and the two are great on that one, we can see that they feel each other. Mike is always amazing and we want to see more and more scenes with him, as top too because he knows how to fuck with his beautiful big cock.

FSROLLINS, 14/August/2014

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