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Cute Twink Gets Handcuffed To A Chair & Fucked By His “Master” – Just How He Loves It! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 28)
Added: 19/July/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 57 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s no real wonder that young cutie, Yuri Adamov, is looking terrified. Strapped to a chair, with his hands handcuffed behind his back, he faces the prospect of being the play-thing of Benjamin Dunn, who in this instance – armed, as he is, with a horse-hair whip – is looking decidedly menacing. Then again, considering the hard-on that Dunn uncovers in Adamov’s crotch during the course of their opening play together, it’s hard to believe that the youngster’s “terror” is quite as genuine as he’d have any of us think.

Fact is, Adamov clearly enjoys the thrill of Dunn’s invasive attention; and the situation only gets worse for the boy when Dunn plugs his ass with a pony-tail and presents him with a thick, meaty, uncut cock to suck on. Suffice it to say that Adamov doesn’t make any attempt to escape, and the removal of his hand-cuffs simply appears to free him to indulge in his adoration of Dunn’s body even further! As such, the eagerness with which the lad eventually presents his ass for Dunn to fuck ultimately comes as no real surprise whatsoever.

Nor does the manner with which he skilfully rides every hard inch that the older lad can thrust in his direction present us with too much incredulity. Indeed, you might even be left to wonder just who exactly is in control here given Adamov’s indelicate manipulation of events. Putting such mind-games to one side, however, what you will almost certainly appreciate is the sensuous performance of both young men, culminating in Dunn spewing all over Adamov’s face – just exactly what Adamov had maybe planned all along!

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OMGGGGGGG, is there more stars I can give it, I'm speechless, I have to watch it about eight more times to see where I would change it. I have been waiting December for Staxus to give me this Vid.

bobby, 19/July/2014

What I'm the only commenter?

bobby, 19/July/2014

All the effort with the set and the leather and then the models only want 5* vanilla sex :D

Stefan, 19/July/2014

I am a great fan of "Yuri" and cum, so I enjoyed this. Danke!

JohnRHughes, 19/July/2014

Stefan what would you have liked to have seen. I for one think it need way more nipple work. Clips would have shot me over the Moon Yuri's Tits scream hurt me lol. By the way, I have said before I'm not a fan of tats, but since Yuri has one scrawled across his stomach what does it say? Does it say I'm yours fuck my hot ass in Russian? JJ

bobby, 19/July/2014

I agree with Bobby, this deserves more than 5 stars. Yuri is one of my favourites and what I would do for his load to go in my mouth. I would love to know what his tattoo says as well. At the moment I'm thinking it's Russian for : "I'm too hot for you not to fuck!!" If anyone knows what it says then please let us know.

Funtime, 20/July/2014

The tattoo is in Spanish and says: Para el mundo eres nadie, pero para mi eres todo el mundo. Which translates to: To the world you are nobody, but to me you are the world.

Dennis, 20/July/2014

Benjamin playing more with Yuri (nipples, cock, balls and ass) while he was handcuffed, and more dominantly sucking and fucking

Stefan, 20/July/2014

Une nouvelle scène de très haut niveau. Benjamin est comme à son habitude en forme olympique et YURI est un adorable petit minet à croquer. Toutefois, je constate que le nouveau site donne à l'instant même au formidable petit YURI une note de 3.3/5 alors qu'il était noté 5/5 sur l'ancienne version ? Décidément ( Monsieur ANDY) : la migration des données de l'ancien site vers le nouveau site n'a pas fonctionné en ce qui concerne les notes attribuées aux modèles et aux scènes.

PASCALOUX, 20/July/2014

MMM interesting he screws up his beautiful skin and then picks spanish to express something rather trite. But so many young ones are these days, they all live in the day and never think even a year in the future. The younger generation scares me they have no vision. OK, I'll get off my old fart soap box. I still wish he wore nipple clamps for a few minutes. Maybe someone at Staxus could tell him how he should make this old man happy next time. lol

bobby, 20/July/2014

Great Boys with a dark back ground that works beautifully ! Loved the eyes & the smiles at the end of the movie ! The photo's show eyes & it works so much for me when they look into the camera when filming !

Neville, 20/July/2014

Love the setting and theme of this one. A lot of attention has been paid to the seductive action rather than the surroundings and it makes is a very cool scene. I would love to see more simple shoots like this with great action and white/black backdrops. Really good action from both too, not too hard but not too soft. It's not a hardcore bondage scene, but something sexier.

Tommy, 21/July/2014

Thanks Dennis for the translation. It's not quite what I thought it would say but in a way, I'm glad it says what it does rather than along the lines of what I thought it would be. Yuri is clearly very smart as well as beautiful.

Funtime, 22/July/2014

You're welcome Funtime. Not sure what you were thinking of, but all I can say it that I am glad that he kept it very general. Putting names on your body permanently is something you're usually going to regret sooner or later.

Dennis, 25/July/2014

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