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Handcuffed & Humiliated, Johny Cruz Gets Tormented & Fucked For A Horny Guy’s Pleasure! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 24)
Added: 23/July/2014
Duration: 20 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


Whatever you think of the threat and anguish displayed in the opening moments of this dungeon-based thriller, one thing is pretty certain – Drew Paskin is one mean bastard! Faced with the pleadings of young Johny Cruz, handcuffed to a chair and looking every inch a fellow who’s at the point of despair, he doesn’t even flinch. Instead, he kicks him to the floor, drags him over to a nearby sofa – which is somewhat conveniently placed nearby – and proceeds to thrust his dick into the poor lad’s face. At which point, it has to be said, Johny’s resistance is completely overcome.

Instead of being the poor, pitiful creature that we saw pleading to his capture in the opening moments, the young cutie is transformed into a top-notch, five-star cock sucker – which, let’s be honest, is exactly what we expect of the chap! Cue a fabulous session of deep-throated fellatio from both dudes, which only concludes when Paskin’s desire for further extremes manifests itself in the form of a lighted candle, the wax from which he not only drips onto Johny’s body but also his own!

It’s all enough to make you winch; but it quickly sends both these horny fuckers into a frantic sexual frenzy, and before you know it Paskin is thrusting his engorged ramrod deep into his fuck-buddy’s now very willing hole! What follows is a truly terrific display of hardcore fornication, which sees Cruz banged in a series of positions before Paskin completes the guy’s humiliation by pumping a truly fantastic wad of jizz into his face. Has anything so seemingly thoughtless ever looked so fucking hot?

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Au plan pornographique, pour le choix des modèles et la qualité d'image de la vidéo : cette réalisation de John SMITH atteint la perfection absolue. Toutefois, l'épisode de cire chaude n'est pas mon truc mais il en faut pour tous les goûts.

PASCALOUX, 24/July/2014

pretty good scene, but I would have loved to see Drew take his cock straight from Johny's ass to his mouth and then cum into his mouth :P without the break inbetween.

biggerthebetter, 24/July/2014

Oh yes bigger the better, that would have been perfect. The thing I like about being somewhat new here is seeing these two sluts and finding out that they have even better scenes here waiting to be watched. Drew is a sweet slut bottom.

bobby, 24/July/2014

Drew is absolutely gorgeous, can we please see much more than once a year!!!

zuberi, 25/July/2014

Both are cute and so hot paired together. Love the hot cum load Cruz gets in the face from his mate at the end ! Thanks.

Christian, 26/July/2014

Overall, I liked this scene and I love to see Johny Cruz in action. He is a total bottom and one can tell he absolutely loves to get fucked. I especially liked the missionary position in which Johny's body language is totally urging Drew to fuck him harder. That being said why do all these recent scenes end with the models doing mere hand jobs. Could not the bottom cum with the top's cock inserted?

kalamzoo89, 13/September/2014

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