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Bonus Content: Brad Fitt & Connor Levi in Italy HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 50)
Added: 07/August/2014
Comments: 25


Boys will be boys, and no matter where you take the likes of Brad Fitt and Connor Levi you can be quite sure that they’ll grab any opportunity that comes their way to give their delicious cocks a real good workout – as ably demonstrated here in a couple of open-air solos that’ll no doubt have their legion of horny fans reaching for their own dicks in appreciation. As it happens, it would seem that the Italian air has made these boys feeling even more sexually charged than might otherwise be the case – Fitt, in particular, who’s had the foresight to pack a big black dildo in his case and who’s determined to put it to good use.

Hence a crotch-straining session of deep-throated admiration of the said sex-toy; before Fitt gives his hungry little ass-hole yet another eager stretching for your entertainment. Levi, meantime, seems content to engage in a rather less unsophisticated wank – but don’t for one minute think that it’s any less stimulating. Ever the consummate performer, the young blond English lad is soon rubbing that handsome joystick with typical gusto, and there’s every good chance that you’ll have worked out quite a generous wad of your own.

That is so long as Fitt’s performance hasn’t creamed you off good and proper beforehand! All in all, a fabulous display from two of the most popular models of recent times – and given what you see here it’s easy to appreciate such top-billed status!

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This was sexy. Brad with his toys and Connor with his flaccid dick. Yes, I wanted more but this was so sexy. Thanks guys for sharing such private moments with us ❤dr

dr24, 08/August/2014

The part with Brad was superb 5/5 stars (besides the cock ring, not a favorite of mine), But it was super hot seing him inserting that big black dildo deeper and deeper into his ass and that he eventually took the whole dildo deep up his sexy butt =D I love scenes like this with really deep penetration, whether it's a long dildo or a monstercock it's amazing =D

biggerthebetter, 08/August/2014

I'm not a big fan of solo's but OMG Brad made me crazy. I just wanted to jump through the screen and help him. Are we going to see him again soon maybe with one of the black monster cocks?

bobby, 08/August/2014

Hi Bobby. Brad is taking a break fr om porn for a bit but who knows what the future holds. With regards to the black cocks that's a definite no.

Michael - Staxus, 08/August/2014

Thank you Michael for the feed back. It's the great thing I love about this site, getting my questions answered.

bobby, 13/August/2014

Can anyone tell me where I can buy the yellow cock ring shown in the photos? What is it called or what site can I buy it from?

Connor MacIntyre, 07/February/2015

Can anyone tell me where I can buy the yellow cock ring shown in the photos? What is it called or what site can I buy it from?

Connor MacIntyre, 07/February/2015

Oh, man!! My 2 favourite Staxus models! Wish this was an action scene!

mwhisky, 20/February/2015

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