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Cute, Wholesome Schoolmates Prove To Be A Pair Of Cock-Lovin’, Dick-Tootin’ Fuckers! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 67)
Added: 20/August/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


Young Bo Randall is the studious sort – keen to expand his mind at every given opportunity. But it’s clearly not his brain that he wants to exercise when he sees the delicious Matt Boner asleep on a nearby sofa. Indeed, he quickly abandons his schoolwork so that he can take a much closer look at his companion; and in no time at all has brought the aptly-named Boner to consciousness by means of some very deft oral action on his buddy’s swelling ramrod.

Needless to report it’s a move that Boner responds to in kind, gently slurping on Randall’s meaty, uncut dick before both lads lay themselves out top-to-toe on the settee to engage in a mutual suck-fest! Not that either of these horny fuckers is going to be satisfied with a mere blowjob – no matter how sensual or full of feeling it might be. Indeed, Randall clearly can’t wait to mount his pal’s manly shaft, and before you know it is taking every solid inch that Boner can muster up his rear!

Cue a stupendous, ass-bustin’ knockabout that sees the cute little bottom being quite literally banged to within an inch of his existence by his dirty study-buddy, eventually culminating in the boy sitting on Boner’s boner and riding the beast like a true pro. No fuckin’ wonder that it’s no time at all before Randall is quite literally spurting like a trooper; before Boner works off his own heavy wad of ball-batter as his mate watches on expectantly. The result is a top-notch spunk-inducing crescendo that’ll almost certainly have you reaching for the Kleenex!

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I would really like to see more of Bo Randall...he's adorable!

existenz, 20/August/2014

Hello Matt Boner and Bo Randall great scene I just loved it. Man I wished I was between both of you on a spit. I would first start out sucking on your toes and licking your hairy feet Matt I will suck your feet too Bo. I would then lick your hairy legs Matt because I really love hairy legs. You have hairy legs Bo but not like Matt. I would turn my attention to your asses. I would Start out with you Bo then I would dive right in your hairy ass Matt. I would lick suck on your ass and lick all the hair you have especially the sweet spot between the ass and the back of your balls hopefully they will be all sweaty that way I can truly be able to taste your man scent. I would then go to your armpits they turn me on. I would lick them and make sure you don't put any deodorant on I just love that musky taste.Now I would turn to sucking dicks yours first Matt that way you can take my virgin ass. I would start sucking you Bo that way you canto swallow both of your fuck me too. I want swallow both of your hot and sweet man juices. I would then want a golden shower and have you piss in mouth so I can drink some of it.


Nice scene.... Matt Boner is hot and promising! :)

Nympho_Maniac, 20/August/2014

Whoa, Matt Boner - GORGEOUS hairy legs!!!! And more on tummy and chest. Please, Staxus, don't make him shave or trim anything - we LOVE young hairy guys! Oh, and lots more of Matt too, please!

Furfix555, 20/August/2014

this was delicious. Matt's hairy legs were to lust for. Bo is just too cute, his big low hanging balls were so hot. ❤dr

dr24, 20/August/2014

Que dire sur cette scène sinon qu'elle est une fois de plus exceptionnelle. Les deux nouveaux modèles sont sublimes et ont fait des débuts très prometteurs. J'espère les revoir souvent dans d'autres réalisations de John SMITH .Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 20/August/2014

The vid was good quality, the camera work very good. The boys however did nothing for me. I wouldn't care if I didn't see them again. Pretty much not Staxus quality as far as I'm concerned. But as many if us say it's a matter of personal taste.

bobby, 21/August/2014

Matt has a really cute face but has too much body hair for me. Even if he got rid of the hair down to the mid-thigh area, he would be so much hotter. I think Bo needs to be paired with a dominant top like Paul Walker.

Funtime, 21/August/2014

These Boys are very beautiful and they conect with love and sensuality ! I would like to see more of both of them ! Hair as well especially pubic hair !

Neville, 23/August/2014

Nice video. both guys are hot, especially very cute Mat Boner, who is a great top, although we would also believe he can could be a great bottom as well, no ?

christian, 25/August/2014

delicius Boys. Bo enjoys intensely as God likes and is sweet to go crazy. And Matt ejaculates as God.

PaoloMonaco, 26/September/2017

obviously, my post was just an exaggeration, a hyperbole.

PaoloMonaco, 27/September/2017

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