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Beachside Frolics Turns To Fireside Fornication As Orlando Gives His Pal A Raw Ride To Remember! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 51)
Added: 31/August/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


It might have been the bright surf and the warm sunshine that’s got them in the mood, but Louis Blakeson and Orlando White abandon the beach and head for the glowing warmth of an open fire to kindle their earthly passions in this terrific duo that we just know you’re gonna love big time! Of course, STAXUS favourite, White, is a welcome addition to any scene.

Add the winning charm of the boyish Blakeson and throw in the unquestionable romance of an open hearth and you have a winning formula right from the start – which in this instance involves the two beauties ripping off their speedos and heading straight for the floor to partake in some heavy-duty fellatio. And who the fuck can blame them? You could easily catch a nasty chill doing that sort of thing out on the sands, but here in the warmth of a beach-chalet, with the flames licking the air in the background, it seems the most natural thing in the world. Mind, it’s licking of a very different nature that’s gonna interest you horny fuckers; though the cock-sucking frenzy is soon overtaken by Blakeson’s desire for hard dick in his ass, a raw, animalistic instinct that the lad clearly has to act upon or be damned!

So it is that the lad plonks himself down on White’s handsome love-stick, riding it for all that he’s worth; before White bundles him to one side and fucks him from behind. It’s a sweaty, breathless coupling that is totally in keeping with the fire in the background; culminating in Blakeson knocking out a wad over his belly and White creaming his buddy’s cute little face with a copious rope of hot jizz!

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I have always been fascinated by how some models can have a career in gay porn and really never get a hard-on. Louis Blakeson is incredibly handsome but in the course of this scene he never gets close to a hard-on. In my humble opinion it invariably takes away from the overall heat of the scene.

ringwraith, 31/August/2014

Louis is absolutely delicious and is one of my favourite models and safe to say this scene is going into my favourites. The crackle of the fire adds to the scene, as if it wasn't hot enough already with these 2 hotties.

Funtime, 31/August/2014

Ok, what makes commenting fun is they get read. So here we go. I'm in Atlanta Georgia and its 90 degrees out and as humid as all get out. So the crackling fireplace didn't do anything for me and the lighting could have been better. The Boys were delicious but we all know that. Louis is so twinkie I love him and would love him taken really hard next time. As far as it limp cock I love the way it flops around. I love to watch all the cute bottoms flop helplessly when they are getting their brains fucked out, hard or soft doesn't matter I love it both ways. As a matter of fact all I would tell my sweet bottom twinks when your getting fucked keep your hands off your junk and let us watching it. Now I'm going to go back and watch Louis's flop all over the place again.

bobby, 31/August/2014

Gosh how I agree with bobby! I think these two are very sexy!

Neville, 02/September/2014

Poor Louis...was a bit underpowered in this scene. He is so handsome! Orlando was great, as usual! Perhaps Louis should do another "geek" scene, I mean, that was SO awesome...

existenz, 04/September/2014

Really Hot woo hoo

deekster, 08/September/2014

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