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Kinky Delivery Boy Partakes In A Raw Flip-Flop Fuck With A Dirty-Minded Client! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 73)
Added: 03/September/2014
Duration: 29 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


His folks out in the country think he’s a straight-laced, orthodox character, but clearly they have no idea what young Carl Bodman’s like when he’s alone at his apartment in the city. Such naivety is very obviously not shared by the local delivery boy, Sven Laarson, however. He arrives with a package of eye-catching underwear and additional items of kink, but doesn’t so much as appear to raise an eyebrow at being greeted by a semi-naked Bodman in a state of heightened excitement!

Nor does he show even the slightest glimmer of surprise when his client first invites him to don some of the newly-arrived inventory, then begins to strip him out of his cycling-shorts and pants. Quite evidently this is exactly the kind of welcome that Bodman extends to all his delivery agents; and as if to prove it he’s soon allowing Laarson to unburden his badly swollen dick from his zipper, whereupon the delivery-boy proceeds to feast and slurp on all the thick, meaty salami on offer. It’s a move that’s soon being reciprocated, culminating in the two beauties indulging in a splendid session of top-to-toe fellatio; before Laarson finally works his way onto Bodman’s lap and promptly starts to ride his fuck-buddy’s love-bar for all that he’s worth.

Talking of reciprocation, it’s not too long before the lads are switching roles – this time Laarson slamming his pal from behind, then finally splattering Bodman’s ass with jizz. A move that’s only overshadowed by Bodman squirting a fine wad of spunk all over Laarson’s face!

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Hate Flip Flops, but thats me everyone else enjoy.

bobby, 03/September/2014

Nice and good. Love flip flops !

Christian, 03/September/2014

This kind of scene is why I love Staxus ! Excellent.

existenz, 04/September/2014

hot, sensual, sexy and kinky - fantastic!

roger, 04/September/2014

Nice of Sven to let Carl taste his own cum.

Funtime, 04/September/2014

Carl Bodman and Sven Laarson were awesome together. Sven is so versatile and kinky, I love him. Carl is adorable and I hope to see more of him at Staxus ❤dr

dr24, 05/September/2014

Sven Laarson is always a guarantee for a hot scene! :-) In spite of being versatile, he's really a great fucker - and I loved the final cream pie and the way he used his own cum to fuck it into Carl's hole as lube... just great! :-))

Nympho_Maniac, 06/September/2014

5/5 There are so many things I like about this scene, the best part for me was seing Carl's gape (a tiny cute one) at around the 22:15. And what made even better was Sven spreading Carl's butt cheeks apart over and over and played with his asshole all at the same time =D And in the end Carl was spreading his butt cheeks and kept putting his ass in position to recieve all of Sven's cock and cum was very hot. I love bottoms who really show that they want every inch possible of penetration, some bottoms have a hard time and put themselves in positions to not get any really deep penetration, but Sven and Carl takes cock like champs =D

biggerthebetter, 17/September/2014

Great, fantastic looking boys, kissing, sexy underwear, love flip flops and cream pies.

lloyde, 05/November/2014

where can i order?, 14/November/2015

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