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Wake Up! Wake Up! Tommy Lee Gets Woken By His Buddy For A Full-On, Big-Dicked Fuck! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 05/September/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


There are times when even the most highly-sexed of us just wanna close our eyes and get some sleep, but for poor Tommy Lee that simply isn’t an option when his ever-horny buddy Chase Evans is in the house! In fact, Evans is like a young puppy – bounding onto the sofa where Lee is catching forty winks and demanding sex there and then! And who is Lee to deny his buddy his wish? As such, it’s merely a matter of seconds before the sleeping beauty has unzipped, unleashed his thick, meaty trouser-snake and is allowing Evans the pleasure of slurping up and down the full length of his handsome ramrod!

And if that isn’t the kind of thing that pulls you kicking and screaming into consciousness, we don’t know what is! Suffice it to say that Lee is soon very much wide awake and ready for action; feasting on Evans’s dick with much the same enthusiasm as Evans himself has already displayed. The difference here, however, is that Lee’s not gonna be content until he’s getting his hungry little ass-hole pounding by his mate’s oversized shaft; and having enjoyed Evans’s tongue rimming away at his pucker, he’s soon parting his legs for the kind of no-holds-barred fucking that a dirty little cock-queen like him rightly deserves!

What follows is a terrific set-piece of man-on-man sex that sees Lee getting pounded in a succession of ass-straining positions; culminating in him squirting over his own belly, before Evans produces a veritable tsunami of jizz that has to be seen to be believed!

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I like Chase as a Top would like to see him paired with some of my favorite twinks.

bobby, 05/September/2014

I agree. 5 stars for Chase, great body and a big cock he knows how to use, more of him please!!!!

memesteve, 05/September/2014

Yes so many twinks I would love to see him hammer into the ground. All he has to do is keep and edge and realize its all about his pleasure lol.

bobby, 05/September/2014

I completely agree with Bobby and Memesteve, Chase is delicious and it would be great to see him fucking guys like Yuri, Kamyk, Louis, or Tristan...or even better all of them!! Wish someone would wake me up like Chase did Tommy. It says on Tommy's profile that he was born in 1980, surely this is a mistake, if not then all I can say Michael is that you have amongst your ranks the hottest 34 year old ever and I hope I look like him when I'm 34!!

Funtime, 06/September/2014

Guys, Tommy was indeed born in 1980. When he first came for a shoot I had to look at his ID 3 times to check as I didnt believe him. He lives in Ireland he claims its the Guinness that keeps him young looking ha ha !!

Michael - Staxus, 06/September/2014

I adore Chase : great cock and ass. And, of course, he knows how to use that big tool ;) . And Tommy (it doesn't matter his age) is a great bottom. I agree with others : give Chase some of staxus good twinks or even some non-twinks to see more great sex like he has already done here.. Or can he be a bottom ;)

Vaclav, 07/September/2014

Chase's appearance always misleads me to take him for a bottom... but he is indeed a great top, hot body, nice solid dick, great ass... and he knows how to fuck a willing bottom. One of the best scenes for me is really when Chase cums.... it"s a real fountain of hot juice he squirts out there! 5 stars! :)))

Nympho_Maniac, 07/September/2014

Just off to get myself some Guinness!!

Funtime, 07/September/2014

Just rejoined the site after a hiatus and I'm enjoying catching up on the scenes. :) This one was great! I love Chase Evans - his cumshots are hot! Big, messy, squirting cum - wow! I hope to see more of him and other big cum shooters. ;)

cumlover, 27/September/2014

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