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Flip-Flopping Bikers Abandon Romance For A Ball-Bustin’, Ass-Stretching Frenzy! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 19/September/2014
Duration: 27 minutes, 4 seconds
Comments: 25


Rightly or wrongly, bikers have a reputation for being hard-hitting, wild-living felons, who drive up and down the road network looking for trouble. But the truth is that even the wildest of biker boys – including members of the notorious Hell’s Angels – have a softer side, and love nothing better than cuddling up on a sofa with a loved one. So when tattooed rogue, Mickey Taylor, arrives home to find Will Sims supping a beer on the couch, we shouldn’t be too surprised that the boys are soon smooching away like a couple of love-birds.

Not that the air of innocence lasts for very long, it must be said. Anyone who’s seen Sims in action prior to this point knows that he’s a lad who can’t resist the temptation posed by a thick, swollen dick; and before you know it he has his face down in Taylor’s crotch and is slurping away on the meaty offering that’s nestled there! Not that Taylor’s reputation for abstinence is any more convincing; and having returned the favour on his buddy’s handsome ramrod, he’s soon very eagerly prepping Sims’ hungry little ass-hole with his tongue before finally thrusting his now rock-hard cock deep into the horny bitch’s guts!

It’s a rough, boisterous ride that follows; but it’s one that’s soon replicated in reverse, with the two lads flip-flopping positions (and asses!) in an energetic fuck-fiesta. As a result, any initial sense we had of romance between these boys is very quickly dispelled; culminating in a copious spray of spunk that’s in keeping with the raw escapade!

Member comments: add comment

I know we have to appeal everyone. I wont even both watching the vid. But I will return to see what other here thing of him. I'm sure I'm in the minority again.

bobby, 19/September/2014

I really like Will Sims. He is a handsome guy with smooth dark skin, big brown eyes, lean body, and a beautiful thick dark cock. A treasure !

dennis, 19/September/2014

Hi Bobby, I have edited your comment about. While we appreciate member feedback on the scenes and the models, one thing we wont tolerate is derogatory comments towards the models such as the one deleted. Thank you Michael

Michael - Staxus, 19/September/2014

Very sorry. I will now go stand in the corner and take a break from the site till I feel I have payed my penalty for being a bit of a snarky.

bobby, 19/September/2014

I don't know which comment has been deleted here, but judging from the average grade for the clip, I can probably guess. - The video as such I'd rate with a 3/5: mostly good action, but various stretches with a soft dick not exactly speaking for great passion, and a disappointing end with two guys wanking with effort. - Regarding the guys, I do like Will Sims and I was a big fan of Mickey Taylor when he appeared at Staxus initially. Unfortunately, to be honest, I think he is about to completely destroy his beauty (if he hasn't already done) by covering his body with much too many, arbitrary tattoos (even though I do like some tattoos on most guys). A pity, because Mickey has a great body and a stunning, gorgeous face and hairstyle.

Nympho_Maniac, 19/September/2014

I have to say it's not very often I comment on the films here....But I feel the need to do so with this one, all I can say what a fantastic scene with these 2 guys, Mikey Taylor is so horny, great looks, great body and I love his tats, it's nice to see staxus using models that are not all just the run of the mill pretty boys but also using pretty faces, great bodies that are also slightly different with their looks, as in with the tats, would also be nice to see some models with some piercings as well...hint, hint.. I especially loved the part where Mikey is being fucked..WOW, just loved this whole film...well done staxus. more with mikey with his tats and any guys that have some piercings is aways a bonus in my book xx

darren, 20/September/2014

Totally agree with darren. Mickey and is tats is my favourite.

aristo, 20/September/2014

MICKEY is a fantastic model ; i 've seen him in an other site giving a fantastic facial to Nathan Gear .. Should you film him to give big loads on lad's face like tim Law, Sven Larson and others . Very exciting !!

LOLOPISS, 20/September/2014

I love Mickey, good to see a guy not being shy in taking cum in his mouth.

Funtime, 21/September/2014

I understand the polarized views and dissension on Mickey Taylor, I noticed it on my blog and I have the same policy I wont publish derogatory or attack oriented comments. Yet I agree both sides have valid views here. I think Micky Taylor is one of the most exciting models of 2014 to hit porn, he has personality and he does have sexual intensity when he is into the model. The tats are not exactly my taste not because I dont care for them one of my all time fav models is Logan McRee who is the original illustrated man. I just prefer my tattooed men to have a bit of artistic organization ;-) Having said that I love Mickey and what he has done this year on Staxus and other sites.

DeWayne in SD, 22/September/2014

i love Mickey taylor i get he's not everyone cup of tea, but he has such a lovely body and oozes sex and not all the tats on him i love but many i like. and he's exciting to watch

Drew, 22/September/2014

I love this site and every single video that Staxus makes. All your models are amazing and do exemplary work. Only issue I have is when I download the videos, most of them cut off half way. For example, if its a 20 minute video, it will stop downloading at 10 minutes. I'm not certain why this occurs when other sites I subscribe from don't give me this issue

Charles, 23/September/2014

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