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Oiled To The Hilt, Two Horny Lads Perform For The Boss & Then Piss Away All The Hot Spunk! HD

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Duration: 31 minutes, 15 seconds
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It’s often been commented that the stewardship of the Catholic Church is rather akin to that of the Italian Mafia – a point that is heavily underscored in this perverse little scene featuring Shane Hirch and Florian Mraz, who are made to perform a live sexual show to one of the senior Church fathers. That, of course, implies that neither of these kinky young fellows is a willing participant in the series of carnal acts that follow – but the fact is that nothing could seem further from the truth!

Indeed, it’s hard to disguise the clear grin of anticipation that dons both their handsome faces at the start of this daring escapade; and by the time they’ve smooched each other’s faces off and drenched a generous flow of massage oil over every inch of flesh in sight, their mutual pleasure is pretty much impossible to overlook! As a consequence, we suspect that there’ll be a whole legion of fans following the Holy Father’s example, unzipping their flies and wanking off to the filthiest, kinkiest coupling you’re likely to have witnessed in a long, long time!

Believe it or not, however, the hardcore fornication that ensues between these two lads – each one fucking the other in a flip-flop frenzy that arguably eclipses the wanton rimming and foot-play that precedes it – is not the highlight of this escapade. For that particular honour surely belongs to the top-notch piss action that concludes proceedings – a torrent of hot yellow nectar washing away the trails of spunk that both Hirch and Mraz have worked out of their balls just a few moments before! Church life was never so much fun!

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