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Innocent Playmates? With A Dildo & Three Hard, Uncut Cocks It’s Not Fuckin’ Likely! HD

3.1/5 (Total votes: 57)
Added: 01/October/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


Studies have long since demonstrated that play is the best means of learning – and if that is indeed the case then we’ve a sneaking suspicion that this horny trio (comprising of STAXUS stalwart, Jaye Elektra, and his two newbie buddies, Andrew Dunhill and Noel Diamonds) will be a doyen of sexual professionalism in no time at all. For it’s with undeniable (and admittedly rather charming) boyish playfulness that the three lads gang up for what to begin with could almost be mistaken for an innocent bedroom frolic.

Not that it remains that way for very long, it has to be pointed out. Indeed, it quickly becomes apparent that young Diamonds – whose distinctive tattoos are clearly synonymous of his name – has the kind of appetite for hardcore action that we’ve all long since come to know and expect of STAXUS boys. For this mischievous little puppy has a longing for a very different kind of bone; and having bounced around on the mattress like an attention-starved wastrel, he finally gets the focus he craves from his buddies when they bundle him over on all fours and proceed to simultaneously rim his hairless ass and suck his aching dick!

It’s a move that signals the beginning of a terrific round of mindless fornication (not to mention dildo-play) that’s almost out of keeping with the easy start to proceedings; and which sees Diamonds fucked by both a giant black sex-toy and each of his mates, before they splatter his pale, fresh skin with a veritable torrent of pent-up jizz! In terms of an introduction to wide-eyed sodomy, it’s almost as good as it ever fucking gets!

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Kind of a dud. The new kid Andrew is cute, but it was like he was there as a trainee for a gay porn vid. Jaye is so hot but rather he was the one fucked. Noel was ok.

bobby, 01/October/2014

Okay scene. but the models to me look too feminine and with too much makeup and over plucked eyebrows :( not so much into their looks either.

biggerthebetter, 01/October/2014

I love my twinks just like these three. Smooth and over plucked and ready to be fucked.

bobby, 01/October/2014

Okay models, esp Skye, didn't get the feeling of much chemistry between them tho, looked like they were struggling to get/stay hard! Hardly boner inducing but okay.

britlad, 02/October/2014

oooops meant to say Jaye!

britlad, 02/October/2014

I love twinks so enjoyed this scene from start to finish. All 3 guys have relatively hairless bodies which I prefer, if I'm being picky then Jaye and Andrew could have shaved the pubes and I think Andrew has overdone it on the eyebrows. Nonetheless Andrew is hot, Noel has a fantastic hole which needs to be on the receiving end of some dp action and I just adore Jaye (with his amazing nipples). Look forward to seeing all 3 again soon, ideally very soon!!.

Funtime, 02/October/2014

Yes, when I think back on this vid and keep going back to the single pictures of Andrew. I realize it was Andrew I wanted fucked. I hope it will be soon and please start him off in those pretty panty like briefs. I didn't save the vid but I save his pic' s in those white panties.

bobby, 02/October/2014


Nympho_Maniac, 03/October/2014

Definitely the weakest scene in recent weeks, which hasn't spoiled us too much with brilliant stuff. Jay looks okay, for me personally there's no need to see more of the two newbies - one of them really being beyond my taste barriers. Un-inspiring and un-inspired action, no chemistry or passion, and the ever boring type of end. Plus, I have to say, I grow tired of the always overly ecstatic synopsis irrespective of how bad the clip is.

FunSeekerHH, 03/October/2014

One of the worst scenes in awhile. Too feminine looking for Noel and Andrew. If I want to see woman I will watch straight porn. Jaye looked the most masculine but looked very bored and hardly any chemistry between all of them.

KalEll, 04/October/2014

Meant to say women not woman. Jayne is the best among the three and he has done much better in other videos.

KalEll, 04/October/2014

Love pretty boys like this. Would love to see Andrew getting a good hard fucking from a macho top. Love the other boys too. Thanks :-)

Gresh, 05/October/2014

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