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White Boy Proves A Black-Cock Bitch By Sucking & Fucking Himself Sore On Devon LeBron’s Dick! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 85)
Added: 07/October/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


With the sun high in the sky, a pool at their feet and some rather moving piano music echoing in the background, it’s no real wonder that Devon LeBron and David Hanson are feeling just that little bit frisky! In particular Hanson, who clearly knows what a fabulous black mamba is stashed away inside his buddy’s swimwear. Not that it remains hidden away for very long. Indeed, the white boy is quickly down on his knees at the side of LeBron’s sun-lounger, giving the native the kind of open-mouthed welcome that a beast like that deserves!

In fact, it quickly becomes apparent that Hanson can’t actually get enough of his buddy’s dick – having allowed LeBron the briefest of blow-jobs in return, the lad is back down on his knees to worship the black dude’s butt-picker like the cock-junkie he very obviously is! As such, it’s no real wonder that Hanson’s objective from this point is to get LeBron’s ramrod deep inside his butt-hole – an ambition that’s temporarily put on hold whilst the two lads enjoy a sensuous session of 69-ing, before Hanson takes a few moments out to rim his mate’s hole.

Not that LeBron’s crack ever stands a look-in of seeing cock-action! No, Hanson’s quite literally on heat for dick by this point, and it’s with a literal gasp and whimper of deep-rooted satisfaction that he finally gets energetically fucked out on the villa’s balcony! Needless to say, what follows is a class-act of unbridled sodomy, that sees Hanson’s ass-hole stretched almost beyond its limit; before the white boy dumps his wad mid-fuck, and then completes his performance by licking off LeBron’s spent jizz from that the extended length of his black buddy’s monster!

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Oh David...what a great moment you gave us here with Devon. We can see that both of you enjoyed every minute of what you did there... I loved so much the way you "played" several minutes with Devon's cock and also the final seconds when you grabbed his cock with both hands and "removed" his last drops of cum ;) .. Devon took good care of you and for sure he's still remembering you ! Oh...and another thing : you're so cute now David !

Vaclav, 07/October/2014

Great vid I have been waiting for weeks for one like this. More please. Note to David, your so cute, lose that stupid hair cut, grow it in and soften your face.

bobby, 07/October/2014

Great scene, Lebron is hotter than ever!

Staxusfan, 07/October/2014

so... this, at last, is the scene I was waiting for to assign the 6/5 rating ;-) Indeed, always a pleasure to see Devon topping a tight white ass with his solid monster dick... and, unlike so many scenes I criticized before, here we finally see some solid pounding (at least versus the end), a bottom cumming while being fucked, and a top shooting his load in/on the ass he's fucking as the climax of pounding it - rather than detached wanking ex post. All the right ingredients! :) Only sad to see, as bobby said, so many guys follow the stupid example of "side cuts" and "undercuts" turning their beautiful heads into caricatures. Just have a look at David's previous clips to see what difference it makes. Doesn't make the clip less exciting, though ;-)

Nympho_Maniac, 07/October/2014

plea much more scenes with devon or bc guys

matt01, 07/October/2014

9/5! I loved everything about this clip. Devon did an amazing performance, he just went for it pounded away like a rabbit =) It looked cool with David's petite body frame in contrast with Devon's monster cock, I thought "Is it gonna fit inside David?" considering how petite David is but it sure did :) The end was very hot, first Devon fucking David's load out of him, and then David taking Devon's load in his mouth and licking his cock clean. For the first time in while I have absolutely no negative things to say at all =)

biggerthebetter, 07/October/2014

Une scène exceptionnelle qui atteint la perfection absolue : du très grand STAXUS. Félicitations.

PASCALOUX, 07/October/2014

LOL, yes a few weeks back I made the stupid comment that the boys were looked european or something. I was called out and asked just what does that mean. Well David is the answer, the side cut. I don't see these extreme cuts here in the states. However as I said he cute and I loved the scene. It's just the hair cut I can't make myself love lol.

bobby, 08/October/2014

David should shave his pubes completely..... But the rest is perfect !!!

Mick, 08/October/2014

Nice thick cum from David, would love to have him cum in my mouth, Nice touch to see him eat some cum too. Loved watching him getting fucked from underneath.

Funtime, 10/October/2014

The Best here is surely the way David rides this huge cock. Well done !

Christian, 02/November/2014

sweet, nobles Creatures !

PaoloRome, 09/November/2014

Very good. Interracial Love is very sweet. Nice that all Nations may become interracial. Sweet as David swallows the precious Juice of Devon.

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

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