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No Rest For Tim Law, As Two Monster Black Cocks Gain Relief At His Hungry Ass’s Expense! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 13/October/2014
Duration: 21 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s certainly not meant as a criticism but we defy anyone to watch this terrific poolside escapade without getting the feeling that Tim Law is like a doomed gazelle in the face of the unstoppable attentions of two black lions, namely Felipe Esquivel and the living legend that is Devon LeBron. Still, what a place to meet your sexual Waterloo – an infinity-edge pool, overlooking the panoramic delights of the Dominican rainforest!

Not that any of these three sex-fiends seem in any way distracted by the mix of natural and man-made wonders that surround them as they make their way into the water. No, this is a trio that’s all-too obsessed with one thing and one thing only, and before poor young Law appears to know what’s happened he’s being put to the sword in the form of hard, black dick! Indeed there’s no questioning from the very first moment as to whose butt is gonna be doing all the accommodating; though the two horny natives are initially just as keen to thrust their oversized ramrods down their guest’s throat!

A short act of reciprocation follows, but neither LeBron nor his fuck-buddy have any intention of letting Law get away lightly. As a result, the boy from Bratislava is soon being routinely spit-roasted by every fat inch of hard Dominican cock on offer – his two new-found mates taking it in turn to stretch his ass to breaking point! It’s a turn of events that soon has him busting his nuts for all they’re worth; before LeBron squirts from below and Esquivel pumps a breath-taking amount of jizz from above. No question, an interracial classic!

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fantastic !!!!! 5/5

mikypat, 13/October/2014

I've seen really hot clips with all three of the models before, so this one held a huge potential - also in terms of location (Caribbean), setting (poolside) and filming technology (e.g., the underwater shots). Unfortunately, none of the three ever seem to enjoy themselves, or be excited, during this whole scene. For whatever reason, particularly Devon and Tim appear totally unhappy throughout most of the film. Better performance by Felipe Esquivel only (including his great cum at the end). A pity!

Nympho_Maniac, 13/October/2014

Only good thing for me was the cumshot from Felipe. Sitting on the edge of the pool was a very dangerous thing to do especially when you're wet and there's a substantial drop behind you, I'm not quite sure why anyone would agree to do this but I'm sure the models' safety will somehow have been taken into account.

Funtime, 13/October/2014

pretty average, the scene lacked true intensity, passion and that wow factor that many staxus scenes have. I wish that Devon would have gotten to do more of the fucking, the end part when he fucked Tim was my favorite. Felipe unfortunalty didn't do much for me in this particular scene :( Great to see Devon pound the bottoms and stick his cock deep inside =)

biggerthebetter, 13/October/2014

No passion in this scene at all!! I love black guys, lets get some who know how to use boi pussy!!

whatsacondom, 13/October/2014

I won't be as hard on this vid as the others. I loved watching Tim sit on black cock and flop around and the rest was a bit standard but love blacks hammering white pussy boi's. One problem is something I have hinted at. Tim is maturing ie getting older. It's hard for him to be the cute twink anymore being surprised by black cocks. But I gave it a 4

bobby, 14/October/2014

Tim Law........THE BEST

Luca, 15/October/2014

I'm Italian , I'm a fan of Tim I always like so much in everything he does , I would love to see more ' behind the scenes ..... when you make the movie you can?

Luca, 15/October/2014

yes this is the real stuff, please much more scenes like that

matt01, 15/October/2014

No chemestry, nothing is really happening. What happened ? They didn't like each other? If yes, please, do another one with the same but very hot and exciting this time. Thanks

FSROLLINS, 09/November/2014

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