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Cute, Horny Host Gives Mike James A Raw Dominican Welcome With His Thick, Uncut Cock!

4.5/5 (Total votes: 65)
Added: 22/November/2014
Duration: 20 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


Hats off to Mike James – no sooner has he arrived at Adrian Rivers’ villa in the Dominican Republic, than he’s making himself right at home. Helping himself to a drink from the fridge, enjoying the delights of the outdoor pool and – most notably of all – making it clear to his host that he’s hot, horny and very, very available! A fact that doesn’t escape the attention of the young, dark-haired American lad, who bounds down the stairs the following morning and quickly engages in some fun with James courtesy of a pot of yogurt!

It’s a bright and breezy start to their antics, but it’s very much an appetizer to the main course of hardcore fun; with James promptly stripping Rivers of his trendy underwear and feasting on the thick, nicely curved ramrod that he finds throbbing away inside.

It’s a move that’s promptly reciprocated, and which signals the start to a truly terrific coupling that’ll surely get the juices flowing of even the most porn-weary fan! James (as always) is a fucking delight to watch; but his cute, well-hung companion is equally captivating, not least of all when he’s riding his visitor’s lubed-up ass in a succession of ball-bustin’ positions.

Suffice it to say that James takes every inch on offer like the true pro he is; culminating in the Yankee-boy fucking the fellow at the top of the stairs, his low-hanging balls slapping merrily away against James’s ass! It’s a truly magnificent sight – as is that of him whitewashing his guest’s hole, prior to James jerking off. The private lives of the Dominicans and their privileged visitors have rarely looked so hot!

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Very hot, Mike James is excellent as always. Adrian pulled off a great performance as well, my fav part was the end when Adrian alternated his big cock from fucking Mike's ass and sticking in it Mike's mouth, the gaping action was hot too, Mike James is pretty all around including that he has a very pretty gape =) My only real negative is that I wish that it was a black cock fucking him in this scen.

biggerthebetter, 22/November/2014

hot scene ! mike never disappoints & the anal was great. loved seeing adrians cum getting pushed inside mikes bum. !!! well done guys.

patmiky, 22/November/2014

I love Adrian, it was a masterstroke getting him on Staxus. But what happened to the Dominican scenes? One person complained there was too many and now you guys don't update them at all. Seems a bit of a strange decision.

Bobcat, 22/November/2014

LOL, BOOOOOOOOOOO not even watching. Mike James, Johny Cruz, and Time law. Retired to the archives. New new new, thank you. Take this with humor please, but I am over them and don't want to see them a headliners anymore.

bobby, 22/November/2014

Just went back, Mike has 15 scenes in six months. way to many, just my opinion. Also I think I'm getting over billed where do I go for that.

bobby, 22/November/2014

Cette scène très chaude a été parfaitement réalisée. Il s'agit incontestablement du meilleur clip qui a été tourné en République Dominicaine. Il est vrai aussi que l'on voit beaucoup Mike sur le site ces temps derniers, mais cet adorable jeune homme est tellement brillant que je ne peux pas m'en lasser.

Pascaloux, 22/November/2014

@bobby - we charge you an extra "Mike James and Johny Cruz fee" ;) <br><br> On a serious note, submitting a ticket at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> would be the best way to address this. <br><br> And I can tell you that we've got some new and surprising bottoms coming up as well.

Staxus - Dennis, 22/November/2014

@Bobcat This is one of the scenes that was filmed in the Dominican Republic.... it's just not an interracial scene. We got a lot of those scheduled for next month.

Staxus - Dennis, 22/November/2014

@Staxus-Dennis I have to agree with Bobby about Mike James & Johny Cruz, Staxus is overusing them far too much and its not exciting to see them in scenes anymore. Its becoming like Bel Ami with the same models being used again and again and again and again..... Please park both these guys now and lets get some fresh faces on the site.

Bobcat, 22/November/2014

Wow I think i've fallen in love with Adrian !?

Neville, 23/November/2014

@Bobcat, well that a bit harsh, both Johny and Mike are excellent perfomers. Personally I'm kinda obsessed with Mike James and love everything about him and can't get enough of him :P, Johny is an excellent performer but he has been in countless scenes the last 6-12 months now. Much more so than Mike James

biggerthebetter, 23/November/2014

Personally, I'm nowhere near bored of Mike James yet. I think Johny has been over-used recently but he like all of the other models is beautiful so no complaints from me.

Funtime, 23/November/2014

@biggerthebetter I find Mike James were wooden in his performances, and you can tell a mile off that he is only there for the money, typical "gay for pay" actor. Maybe you like wooden porn but Id rather see horny guys have natural sex because they want to not because theres a paycheck at the end.

Bobcat, 23/November/2014

Just as a comparison look at Richie Hajek when hes having sex, his facial expressions, how his toes curl as he being fucked, the way he sucks cock, then compare him with Mike James, and his fake groaning, his faked facial expressions and the fact he has no idea how to suck cock. I think some members here are too easily pleased, for me I want to see guys have sex they ENJOY, and that you can see them enjoying.

Bobcat, 23/November/2014

@Bobcat As far as I know Mike is at least Bisexual, maybe even Gay. He is also quite ‘close‘ with Jason Mike who is def. Gay. And 16 scenes in 6 months is between 2 to 3 scenes a month, I would not call that overused. Have to admit that Adrian does nothing for me.

secondsky, 23/November/2014

LOVE all the ass to mouth!!! more more more

A2M, 23/November/2014

Adrian and Mike are both great models, and they did a good job here. Don't agree we've seen to much of Mike - and, by the way, not of Johny Cruz either. :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/November/2014

OK but I excepted MUCH more ,,,.

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

I love Mike James. This scene is very hot!

capardoq, 09/February/2015

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