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Horny David Hanson Gets Served Every Which Way By A Thick, Meaty, Raw Black Mamba! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 25/October/2014
Duration: 23 minutes, 36 seconds
Comments: 25


You could say that it was the fault of indulging in too much erotic fiction – in this instance, E.L. James’s Fifty Shades Darker – but the real reason for young David Hanson being in the mood for some hardcore action at the start of this fabulous interracial escapade is that he is (quite simply!) a horny little fucker. Indeed, the chances of Carlos Santiago escaping from his clutches when the black waiter steps into the room carrying a drink are about as slim as Hanson’s own sylph-like body!

As such, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone to see the filthy-minded white boy pounce on Santiago’s crotch with the kind of gusto usually reserved for a prime-time athlete; his clear intent being to enjoy every delicious inch that the native has got stashed away in his trousers. Not that Santiago is in any way less reserved when it comes to returning the oral compliment; but it’s Hanson who remains the driving power, even to the point of giving that delicious black ass a well-deserved rimming after the two lads have enjoyed an extremely pleasurable session of 69-ing on the sofa.

By this point, however, you just know that we’re barely seconds away from that hungry white fuck-hole getting the pounding of its existence courtesy of Santiago’s oversized joystick; and when the moment comes it’s almost with a gasp of relief from everyone concerned. So sit back, unzip and savour every sordid second of Hanson’s violation, as the pervy little kid rides Santiago’s raw inches like a fully paid-up bitch; culminating in him squirting like a trooper mid-fuck. By the time the black dude is creaming his arse in return, your own appreciative sticky climax will be fully guaranteed!

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nice looking young men, well built, but absolutly no Passion. Carlos even dont like to be kissed ... For me rating 1

flyhigh1999, 25/October/2014

David is cute but would prefer to see him with a twink type guy.

Funtime, 25/October/2014

3-3,5/5 Really good scene on David's side, he was very passionate and seemed really into it. However to me Carlos performance and passion did not match David's, I would have wished for Carlos to take the dominant role more. Well on the other hand it's perhaps hard to pull of a really good scene for a performer who is new to making porn :P practice makes perfect =)

biggerthebetter, 25/October/2014

what a passiv type Carlos , should be the bottom not the top. why are there no white guys fuck black guys?, 25/October/2014

Je constate que les quatre dernières scènes publiées sur le site ont reçu une note moyenne inférieure à 4 et cela est parfaitement justifié. A moins que les dirigeants de STAXUS considèrent cet indicateur comme peu fiable, il serait temps qu'ils s'interrogent sur les raisons de cette chute brutale des notes attribuées à leurs vidéos depuis un certain temps.

Pascaloux, 26/October/2014

I totally agree with Pascaloux, please check why rates are lower... Staxus scenes are beautiful, but too sophisticated and too soft,...once more, no facial, no cum eating , please nasty scenes with a story, with links beetween scènes with harder performers.

LOLOPISS, 27/October/2014

Why don't the black models bottom? I would like to see the black models bottom too.

Betteronweekends, 31/October/2014

Boring, boring and boring ....

FSROLLINS, 16/November/2014

Really hot was wondering if we will get to see his brother in a scene with his twin and another?

deekster, 14/December/2014

Hi You mention Carlos has a twin brother who is gay..What are the chances of getting him into some of your films..No not necessarily together but maybe in the same scene like two on one or something like that

deekster, 16/February/2015

Love Santiago’s thick uncut meat get him in more scenes. He would be a great bottom as well.

tdgf, 29/March/2015

Does Carlos have a facebook page?

hotfuck1, 19/July/2015

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