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Fake Red-Head? Maybe. A Total Slut For Big Black Cock? It’s An Absolute Fuckin’ Given! HD

2.6/5 (Total votes: 77)
Added: 08/November/2014
Duration: 26 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


If you like your boys to look just that little bit different then look no further than Tyler Tremallose, whose long, dyed-red hair and distinctly feminine features make this one young fellow who would most definitely stand out in a crowd! Not that he appears to have much in the way of companionship at the start of this terrific little scene, laid out all alone at the side of a Caribbean pool. For this horny little punk has only one other human being for company – namely Devon LeBron, who’s splashing around in the water and clearly trying his utmost to get the white boy’s attention.

And let’s be honest, the horse-hung LeBron is not exactly the kind of fellow you can easily ignore! As such, we suspect there won’t be too many surprised faces when the horny Dominican jumps out of the water and promptly cajoles Tremallose into the nearby villa, where LeBron promptly whips out his oversized ramrod and his new-found fuck-buddy just as promptly wraps his tight, hungry lips around it! That signals the start of a dedicated session of oral worship that sees LeBron’s thick, meaty, uncut dick quite literally treated like one of the wonders of the world – which arguably it is!

Certainly the fine-featured Honky appears to know a treasure when he’s found one; and it’s no surprise that Tremallose is shortly parting his legs and allowing LeBron to fuck him like a cheap tart. All culminating in the lad getting a full-on face-load of hot jizz coutesy of LeBron’s overexcited cock; before he jerks off a healthy spray of pent-up ball-batter over his own belly. Not a bad afternoon’s work for a boy who began the scene looking lost, alone and (most of all) as horny as fuck!