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Two Massage-Lovin’ Twinks Take Time Out To Bust Their Nuts On An Open Fire! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 72)
Added: 30/November/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


Who can resist the allure of an open fire? Not Richie Hajek, that’s for sure – a cute young fellow who takes his admiration of the naked flame to a whole new level by lying before it wearing just a skimpy thong! What’s more his pleasure is further enhanced by the arrival of Boris Orla, who doesn’t seem to take so much as a breath before beginning to energetically massage Hajek’s back. Not that it’s just the youngster’s back that interests this hyper-keen masseur – as soon becomes all too apparent. No, Orla’s soon giving his buddy’s backside an equally vigorous rub-down; before flipping the lad over and providing the same kind of zealous massage to Hajek’s front.

Clearly not wishing to be the only one getting all the fun, however, Hajek is very soon returning the compliment; oiling Orla’s muscular frame and (either accidentally or on purpose!) exposing the fellow’s handsome, uncut dick in the process. It’s a move that can clearly only ever have one outcome, of course; and before you know it both guys are splayed out on the floor, stark-bollock naked, giving each other the kind of pleasure that every horny man dreams about.

So forget about the idea of a romantic foray on a rug in front of a fire, guys. This is a full-on, no-holds-barred round of cock-sucking, ass-rimming, butt-banging fun, which ultimately sees Hajek take Orla’s dick up to the balls! And geez does this lad handle the onslaught like a master; riding the shaft pro-style, before Orla rewards the lad’s pucker with a fine blast of jizz. That just leaves Hajek to sign the performance off with his own creamy climax!

Member comments: add comment

very pretty boys doing very nasty stuff ;) My favorite part was when Boris was spreading Richie's ass with his finger around the 14:30 mark :P

biggerthebetter, 30/November/2014

This is unrelated to this clip. but guys let's talk on the forum =) It was just opened again but there is not a whole lot of talking action going on there :P

biggerthebetter, 30/November/2014

oh my, Boris looks so hot in this video. at first i couldnt recognize him.

marko, 30/November/2014

hot scene in more than one way with the fireplace a nice background. the more I see of Richie the more I want. you have a real keeper in him. 5/5 from me, well done guys. !!!

patmiky, 30/November/2014

I can't even begin to describe what Richie does to me every time I see him on here. I would love to give him a massage or have him give me one. He is one of those boys who you want to do all of those dirty things to (and with) that come in to your mind. Staxus has done very well recently in finding new models, Richie being the highlight for me, keep up the good work guys and sorry for being a grouch about the bonus scene, just because I had seen it elsewhere doesn't mean others shouldn't see it on here, sorry.

Funtime, 30/November/2014

Boris is such a gorgeous sexy guy! I love it when Richie licks his hole against the fireplace! Wish it was deeper and lasted longer but awesome! Best part is Boris fucking Richie doggie style ... but all I was thinking as "man I so want to fuck Boris while he is stuffing Richie's hole!" Awesome clip!

DJ, 30/November/2014

Cette scène est une fois de plus exceptionnelle. Je suis ravi de revoir Boris après plusieurs mois d'absence et Richie est actuellement mon minet préféré et tous sites confondus. Ce petit Richie est irrésistible et je pense que nous sommes nombreux à souhaiter le voir en action le plus souvent possible.

Pascaloux, 30/November/2014

Yes! Hot stuff! :-)) Nice setting, Richie is a hot bottom, and Boris a great stud. Love the rimming and hole spreading/ ass play in the middle, the fucking (particularly doggy), and so happy to see some cum in ass again! 5/5 :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 30/November/2014

The scary thing is I'm still waiting to see Richie in his signature scene. H'e been good, but I just know there is that scene out there that will scrabble my brain.

bobby, 01/December/2014

Staxus answered our prayers and gave us now the 4th Scene with Richie. Let's hope we see more of him before Christmas. The location is finally something else than the famous white sofa. Fucking in front of a fireplace is quite romantic. Boris and Richi are a great pairing, the one being muscular and the other with the slim slender look. I am quite sure Richie could make a good top too.

secondsky, 01/December/2014

Omg please don't make him a top. Helix video does that all the time. It drives me crazy. He's a sub bottom, I'm not interested in him fucking anyone or flip flopping lol. But again that's me and my opinion.

bobby, 01/December/2014

What a great pair : Boris and Richie. I must admit that i would never thought about pairing Richie with Boris. Nice choice ! And the result good ! So good ! Richie is, probably, the best Staxus's bottom 2014.

Vaclav, 02/December/2014

Richie is Nr1 - More More More More More

marcyß815, 03/December/2014

Again 2 great guys but a very boring scene !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Staxus, what are you doing ??!!!!!!!!!

FSROLLINS, 08/December/2014

gorgeous boys, hot sex, the only thing missing was the cum sucking! More than just licking off fingers.

mwhisky, 01/February/2015

Richie's hole is beautiful and when it was wide open, I wanted to drop a heavy load in it.

hornynipples, 14/May/2015

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