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Two Love-Struck Beauties Take Paradise To A New Level With A Hardcore Suck-&-Fuckathon! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 66)
Added: 14/December/2014
Duration: 24 minutes, 34 seconds
Comments: 25


Mike James and Tim Law are quite literally having the time of their young lives. With only themselves and the surrounding Caribbean paradise for company, they’re very much a couple in love – lying on the beach together, frolicking in the sea and having drinks at a bar. So you can probably appreciate that the romance between these two buddies is quite unmistakable right from the start; and it’s absolutely no surprise when the lads finally engage in some gentle, but very passionate smooching next to a pool.

It signals the start of a succession of encounters around the hotel complex – the kind that would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to how much these fellows are into each other. Law, in particular, clearly can’t get enough of his mate’s fabulous body; and it should surely come as no surprise to anyone that he’s soon got James out of his tight-fitting swimwear and is energetically feasting on the handsome, swollen ramrod that bounces out as a result.

A further session of outdoor cock-sucking ensues – this time on the lawn – but it’s unquestionably the session of rampant, unbridled love-making back at the villa that marks the highpoint to this cum-draining encounter. Truth is, Law can’t wait to get that juicy, uncut shaft of James’s up his hungry little ass; and once back indoors the lad is parting his legs to give his pal total, unrestricted access. His reward is the kind of raw fucking that pretty much every gay guy dreams of – pounded and stretched, then creamed in the face! Little wonder he can’t resist jerking off in the pool immediately afterwards!

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Lovely guys, but I prefer them both as bottoms, the end with Mike shooting his load into Tim's mouth was hot and the underwater cum shots were fun to watch. If I could have a magic wish I would have loved to see Devon in this scene pounding both Mike and Tim :P

biggerthebetter, 14/December/2014

Very cute, but please, more videos of Mike James getting his perfect ass fucked by big cocks!

Skywryter, 14/December/2014

OMG, please no more Mike James in anyway, pack him away in the same box as Johny Cruz and I'm sorry to say I love Tim Law but there is plenty of archive material for him too.

bobby, 14/December/2014

Bobby we've got it, you dont like Mike. Thats OK. But as others like him he will be back for sure...

secondsky, 14/December/2014

Lovely song and the sounds were great! The exclusive models give me great pleasure Mike, Jonny & Yuri bring them on with an exclusive threesome I am sure you will all change your minds ! ?

Neville, 15/December/2014

Actually, I didn't find the sex scene so hot (the underwater cum shot spoiled it a bit) but I enjoyed this clip a lot. Loved the cheesy song and the playful opening scenes. Reminded me of the old classic AVI-Productions which I still treasure very much. Thanks for that.

dejan, 15/December/2014

Hey Staxus, I was just on Helix and saw one of your scenes. What's going on, can we expect some cross pollination here between Staxus and Helix. If there is I have a few requests.

bobby, 15/December/2014

Hi Bobby! We are indeed working on collaborating more with Helix however we cannot call it pollination for now :)

Staxus - Andy, 16/December/2014

Two of my all time favorites and the Dominican location just makes it hotter. I for one would keep Mike James a long time! I will never tire of this one..will chain him in the basement and keep him! ;-p (if the models read these comments they would never want to be alone with an American)

DeWayne in SD, 19/December/2014

who is (are) the singer(s) of the generic at the beginning? What is the title of this song. Impossibble to find it on google by its content! You are juste forwarded to the closest lyrics of Chris MArtin "Tell me". But the song in this staxus movie is more wonderfull and more romantic!!!! Does Anybody know what is this song

erwann, 30/June/2015

very cute the Ejaculation of Tim in the Water: his sacred Masculinity it spreads like God's white Gold.

PaoloMonaco, 27/September/2017

obviously, my post was just an exaggeration, a hyperbole.

PaoloMonaco, 27/September/2017

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