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Horny White-Boy Can’t Wait To Give A Big, Black Butt-Picker A Hot, Raw Ride On The Beach! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 91)
Added: 16/December/2014
Duration: 20 minutes, 39 seconds
Comments: 25


Sex on the beach is not a totally unusual fantasy – there’s something about the sand and surf that raises the libido up several notches – and young Hungarian, David Hanson, proves that he’s just as susceptible to this phenomena as anyone else when he finds himself out in the Caribbean. That said, he does have the added factor of Manuel Emilio to consider – a sexy local with a rather oversized dick, who would surely be enough to get even the most reticent lover in the mood. As such it really comes as no surprise whatsoever that Hanson’s going down on his buddy in pretty much the first thirty seconds of action, slurping on that big black mamba with the kind of gusto that you’d probably expect from a bitch of Hanson’s calibre.

Indeed, this filthy-minded white-boy definitely has an appetite for one thing and one thing only in this raunchy, outdoor escapade; and within minutes he’s achieved what so many other boys have surely dreamt of doing and failed, as he sits on Emilio’s handsome ramrod and rides the thick, aching shaft for all that he’s worth. In truth it’s probably the speed with which he achieves this objective that will surprise you more than anything; but don’t think for one moment that he’s in any hurry once he’s got that handsome butt-picker inside him.

No, he’s very much determined to make the most of every ass-pounding second with Emilio, taking every fuckin’ inch like a man and gasping like a bitch in the process. Indeed, it’s only as the light finally begins to fail that both guys succumb to the inevitable with a multi-squirt cascade of jizz!

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Fabulous cum shot from manuel & david took a hard fucking very well. nicely done guys. !!!

patmiky, 16/December/2014

A+ for Manuel's style of pounding David, super fast, hard and very deep :) The doggy position was the best, it was hot seeing David's ass wobble as Manuel's hips and ball sack kept smacking his butt :) I wish that all tops in porn could pound the bottoms like Manuel :P

biggerthebetter, 16/December/2014

Davis is for sure of the best Staxus bottom in 2014... I guess he loves being pounded like the way we see here with Manuel Emilio. With Devon Lebron and even on the 4way he did with Kurt, Lloyd and Felipe, we had the chance to see one super hot bottom taking cock so easily and with pleasure. David was amazing on this scene, but Manuel Emilio deserves nice words too ;) because I loved to see him pouding David's ass the way he did. He was so "hungry" ;) . Awesome moment of sex captured in paradise !

Vaclav, 17/December/2014

Loved Manuel Emilio. his big balls are great, and this is how a top should fuck. Nice and hard. None of that ridiculous hand on the hip nonsense we see in so many scenes. When can we expect to see more of him?

Karlin, 18/December/2014

David was an inspired choice on this Dominican adventure its obvious to all that he loves the Dominicans as much as Kurt Maddox.. and being gay not gay4pay sure helps! ;-) What I found a revelation was young Manuel not only a true and rare black twink but he seemed to really have a good time!

DeWayne in SD, 19/December/2014

Camera work is a bit boring, might have to do with difficult conditions in shooting outdoors. Also the cum shots could have been captured from different angles. But: the sexual energy is amazing ! Manuel is a great find. Superb fucking of a reliable bottom. I love outdoor scenes and thankfully the models did an excellent job.

dejan, 20/December/2014

The mulatto top is bery handsome, but the white botgtom is hideous. Nest time try to find a decent parner!

streamer, 07/October/2015

wonderful the Ejaculation of David !

PaoloMonaco, 28/August/2017

but Ejaculation must be a Manifestation of the Soul.

PaoloMonaco, 29/August/2017

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