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Fresh-Faced Twink Gets His Muscle Rubbed & His Ass Stretched By A Horny, Big Dicked Masseur! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 58)
Added: 20/December/2014
Duration: 29 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no denying the contrast between these two horny fuckers – Mike James, with his tall, handsome, hunky physique, and Kevin Tod, who’s visibly inches shorter and very much a pert little twink. But it’s this very difference that makes for a decidedly kinky massage session between these fellows, with Tod quite literally little more than putty in James’s manly hands. Not that the youngster appears to be complaining as his buddy works his magic. Quite the opposite, in fact – particularly when James reaches the lad’s sweet little ass, which he very quickly proceeds to smack and finger with eager relish.

It’s a turn of events that clearly has a distinct effect on Tod, who flips over to reveal quite a magnificent boner – a feature that a guy like James is never going to be able to ignore in a million years! So it really comes as little surprise when the fellow is immediately giving Tod’s rock hard shaft a badly needed workout; eagerly oiling its length, then energetically feasting on the rampant beauty. Not that Tod appears in any way less of a carnivore when it comes to gorging on fresh meat, as the ensuing session of 69-ing only serves to underline.

Indeed, given the way that the fine-featured cherub proceeds to take every last ass-pounding centimeter of James’s unforgiving ramrod, any doubt anyone might have had to this boy’s dick-crazed potential is quickly laid to rest. A fact that’s underlined by the manner with which he squirts like a trooper and then concludes proceedings by taking a full wad of cream in the mouth! As massages go, it’s definitely one to remember!

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Both of these boys are really hot, I would have loved to have been either of them in this scene. Can't wait to see them both again. 5/5 guys.

Funtime, 20/December/2014

No comment every one here knows what I'm thinking. Not even watching.

bobby, 20/December/2014

Kevin is really cute, he makes an excellent addition to staxus' line up of twink bottoms :) Mike gave him a good pounding, but if he comes back I want to see him pouned really hard in true Shane Barett/Manuel Emilio style :P

biggerthebetter, 20/December/2014

More new moves incredible and sensuous xxxxx

Neville, 20/December/2014

Bobby are you always so negative, you sound like a spolit kid throwing your toys out the pram with that comment.

Karlin, 21/December/2014

Love it, both are exactly the types who would attract each other and they are both excellent.

Rob, 21/December/2014

@Karlin I am spoiled.

bobby, 21/December/2014

I am probably spoiled, too ;-) More Mike James please!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 22/December/2014

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