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Johny Cruz Wins His Man & Gets A Hard Fuck, A Hot Facial & A Shower Of Piss As A Reward! HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 102)
Duration: 21 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s difficult to decide whether Andrea Suarez or Johny Cruz is the biggest flirt of the two given their playful, teasing antics in the opening moments of this terrific encounter; but in the end it’s Cruz who wins out, tempting his buddy to cross the floor of the bedroom so that they can take their antics to a whole never level. Which quickly involves Suarez thrusting that thick, upturned dick of his down Cruz’s throat – a move that self-evidently pushes all the right buttons for the young German, given how he feasts on all that pulsating man-meat like a being possessed!

Not that Cruz’s taste for dick comes as anything of a surprise to us viewers. We’ve seen him perform long enough now to understand that this is a young man who lives for cock; and on this occasion he’s clearly determined to get his mate’s aching love-stick inside his ass even quicker than usual. A mission that he accomplishes with ease, it must be said – before you know it he’s literally riding that handsome shaft like his very existence depended on it! Still, if Cruz has come here today looking for a passionate lover then he’s most definitely come to the right place.

Suarez is every inch the real deal in the stud stakes; and has soon taken complete control of the situation by flipping his pal over and burying his sheathed sword deep inside from behind. Thereon Cruz savours the fucking of his young life; culminating in him receiving a very sticky and satisfying facial courtesy of Suarez’s balls. It’s left only for the two buddies to head to the bathroom so that Suarez can piss all over his mate for their coupling to be underlined as a total and unmitigated spunk-inducing success!

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