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Two Horny Christmas Angels Enjoy An Energetic Raw Fuck With Oodles Of Festive Cream! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 91)
Added: 24/December/2014
Duration: 22 minutes, 33 seconds
Comments: 25


Christmas. A time for expressing your love to your nearest and dearest – a sentiment that STAXUS favourites, Jaro Stone and Yuri Adamov, are only too keen to demonstrate in this terrific festive encounter. And, unlike a good many gifts that we find under the tree on Christmas morning, this pair of cock-hungry beauties doesn’t disappoint! Not that you’d ever expect them to, of course, given their reputation for producing some of the hottest twink action around; and needless to say it’s barely sixty seconds before Adamov is firmly ensconced between Stone’s legs and is giving his buddy’s oversized missile-launcher the kind of heavy-lipped attention that it unquestionably deserves.

Indeed, let’s be perfectly honest here, this is one horny young Russian who very clearly can’t get enough of Slavic dick; and having enjoyed a top-notch session of energetic 69-ing against a twinkling backdrop of fairy lights, he’s ready to ride every rock hard inch that Stone can fire in his direction. Like a bitch in season, this boy grinds his raw, open ass down on his mate’s ramrod with characteristic gusto; before turning around and inviting Stone to pound away to his heart’s content from behind!

No question about it, you’re gonna just love seeing these two adorable Christmas angels giving it all they’ve got in the quest for seasonal satisfaction; and rest assured it isn’t long before Adamov is knocking out a well-deserved load of pent-up twink goo! Leaving Stone to splatter his heavy wad all around his mate’s mouth – Adamov happily slurping away on the spent shaft!

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Glad to see Jaro again. He has much to like - a lean body, nice smile, and a beautiful long serpentine cock and big balls. Plus he is a great fucker. One of Staxus' best!!!

dennis, 24/December/2014

Well I must say I`m getting quite addicted to the distinctive sex moans of Yuri. The matching of these two models I think works extremely well. Both have a fantastic look and on screen presence and appear really natural with one another. Again some really great camera work which captures the small tender detail bits as well as the physicality of the sexual action. Love the small messages at the beginning and end which add a nice personal festive touch :) Top marks from me and again a quality Staxus production that the team can be proud of. Cheers n Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :) Tobe x

TwinkTowers, 24/December/2014

Very enjoyable to watch and the little messages were a nice touch. These guys cocks are at opposite ends of the spectrum, Jaro's is long and narrow, whereas, Yuri's is shorter but wider, which one do I want for Christmas?

Funtime, 24/December/2014

Answer: Yuri's!!

Funtime, 24/December/2014

A Great Christmas Show for me ! Thank you all at Staxus for your great entertainment throughout the year ! I love your Boys and Wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Very Sexy New Year > xxxxx :-) .

Neville, 24/December/2014

My favorite part was when Jaro sucked on Juri's finger, I find that very erotic and sexy (for some strange reason) But to me this scene wasn't anything sensational. Merry Christmas everyone btw =)

biggerthebetter, 24/December/2014

Jaro is a hot stud with an angel's face, I could watch him pound a nice hole like Yuri's for hours :) Nice season's greetings indeed. Thanks a lot for this, and all the great work the whole year, to all of the Staxus team, staff and models! A very merry XXXmas!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 25/December/2014

Nice Xmas gift from Staxus. Thanks ;) . Yuri and Jaro made a nice scene for us on this Xmas'14. Don't need to say too much about Jaro and Yuri. Jaro has a kid face but a hot body. Yuri "kills" us with his eyes and his energy with his partner. So, I guess we're facing a nice couple for this Xmas.

Vaclav, 26/December/2014

the reason i came in staxus is JARO !!!!!!

eleanapap, 27/December/2014

Jaro is so damn hot (and handsome!). He does make the viewer want to come back for more! Need I say how amazing he is in this scene with sweet Yuri... Anyway, what a sweet Christmas present from everyone at Staxus -so well silver and red ;-)

mtopamax, 30/December/2014

Fantastic scene with the super hot in every way Jaro + Yuri. You have to keep them a long time at Staxus and I really want to see very soon some new scenes with both of them. JARO !! JARO !!! Super top and hot man !

FSROLLINS, 05/January/2015

Beautiful is all I can say

John Hammer , 06/January/2015

Good scene. Yuri is truly beautiful from his distinctive thigh tattoo to his luscious large red nipples. He does seem to have trouble with maintaining his erection, but he definitely makes up for this, not just in his natural beauty - the moaning, that thing he does with his finger in the partner's mouth, and the general gusto with which he approaches a scene. Far and away my favourite bottom!

Aino Wave, 01/June/2015

It's amazing to me how when Jaro is flacid and has underwear on he doesn't look like he's sporting... any really dramatic equipment.. But when he comes to attention, BANG!! He's a grower, for sure! I would love to see his flaccid member and the .. uh, evolution of his member.. I don't think we've seen that play out on film..

Jamie Nicholas, 01/February/2017

eleanapap, I could say exactly the same.. I just yesterday discovered him! Although I'm a "huge" fan of Chad Ward and Jace Reed (Yeah, I'm a size queen..), I joined because of Jaro.

Jamie Nicholas, 01/February/2017

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