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Handcuffed, Spanked, Fucked & Fisted – One Lucky Young Twink Gets Abused Like Never Before! HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 51)
Added: 17/January/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


Dressed in bright orange, with both his hands tied behind his back, it’s hard not to think that young Christian Martin looks like some kind of sad renegade from Guantanamo Bay – but don’t worry, guys, this horny little tight-assed fucker is most definitely here of his own choosing. What’s more, he’s clearly chosen the right people to be with him in the form of Benjamin Dunn and STAXUS new boy, Robo Kopp, if he’s looking for some hardcore abuse.

Indeed, it doesn’t take very long before both his new-found rough-boy buddies are getting out their paddles to give the youngster the kind of ass-reddening workout that a cropped-haired cunt like him deserves! Not that the abuse that he gets is reserved to a few careless smacks to his rump, it must be said. No, Martin definitely gets the full treatment here – a hard-nosed, furious assault that eventually results in both Dunn and Kopp taking it in turns to fuck him to an inch of his miserable life! It’s most definitely an acquired taste; but if seeing a youngster being roughed-up like there’s no tomorrow, then fucked for good measure, then this is for you.

The piece-de-la-resistance comes, however, once Kopp has spewed all over the lad’s face and promptly fucked off; leaving Dunn to give Martin a good old-fashioned fisting, which (given the way the bottom creams himself in response) he most definitely appreciates! In fact, he almost enjoys himself as much as Dunn, who immediately erupts all over the lad’s face like a fucking volcano! In short, a crude, brutal, breathtaking escapade that ticks all the necessary boxes!

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I am not so sure if Christian Martin fits well to Staxus... In comparison to your other very good looking guys (Alan, Sam, Tim, Benjamin, Orlando, Dick, ...) he doesn´t seem to be a good addition to your models. Either they have a handsome face, a perfect body or a overwhelming cock. To be honest I don´t see one of these 3 things... Of course tastes are different! I am curious what other members have to say.

Andi, 17/January/2015

I agree with Andi, Christian doesn't do it for me and what was it that he was sniffing in this scene?

Funtime, 17/January/2015

I was waiting to comment, but felt the same way Christian isn't up to standards. To be honest Staxus hasn't been lately in general.

bobby, 18/January/2015

There are no sudden reasons to be so hard and give so negative comments on this scene, let alone on all staxus work recently ! This scene was unusual, but the site needs change, variety and a bit for everyone...

christian, 18/January/2015

Cette scène n'est certes pas la meilleure réalisation que STAXUS ait produite. Cependant, la note moyenne me semble exagérément basse et injustifiée Innover tout en plaisant au plus grand nombre devient très difficile.

Pascaloux, 18/January/2015

I kinda agree with the other's on Christian, his performance was not bad but his looks is not up to par with many other staxus models.

biggerthebetter, 19/January/2015

Why is Christian Martin called young or youngster when he is the oldest of the 3?

Justin Vader, 21/January/2015

I just viewed this scene and I found it one of my recent favorites. I liked the look of Christian's body because he was different. He was a little on the passive side but this is a bondage video. I felt the top models did a good job and I'd watch this flick again. A little diversity goes a long way. I applaud Staxus for thinking outside the box. Great cum shot from Christian!

Ringwraith, 01/February/2015

Yes Ringwraith! Personnaly I love too Christian MARTIN. Not the most Beauty face ? maybe for some. But I really liked to have him as my brother in love. Because he offers himself completely and generously. If in live he is also generous as in sex, yes live with him could be full of tenderness!!!

erwann, 17/May/2015

Christian is amazing. I want to see more videos with his gorgeous ass and hole.

Harvey Vilas, 07/August/2015

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