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Arthur Kral Has A Wish Cum True – Thanks To A Hot, Horny Stud, Who Fucks Him Like A Bitch! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 72)
Added: 19/January/2015
Duration: 17 minutes, 31 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve all heard about mobile-phone dating apps surely, but it seems that Arthur Kral has discovered an almost unbelievable service – at least if this terrific little scene is to be believed. For no sooner has he registered his interest via the said service than his would-be date has appeared. Not only that, but Harry Vakker – who, it must be said here and now, is a mighty handsome fucker – materialises wearing nothing more than a pair of sexy briefs and a smile!

No question about it, if this service is for real then it’s success is surely guaranteed. Especially if the guys who turn up are all as hot and horny as Vakker is here. For seconds on from his initial appearance, the young dark-haired beauty is making all the right moves – and providing Kral a well-proportioned dick to feast on in the meantime. Indeed, there’s no denying Kral’s hunger for cock here, as he munches away on his new-found fuck-buddy’s offering like a man who’s been denied the pleasure for years.

An appetite that continues when both fellows engage in a feverish spate of 69-ing; before Vakker teasingly rims Kral’s ass-hole, then thrusts every raw inch of fuck-rod deep inside for good measure. What ensues is an undeniably passionate romp, which sees Vakker energetically pump Kral’s pucker like an express-train, grabbing hold of his hair in the process as if to underline his top-dog status. A position that’s underlined further when Kral rides his mate’s rock-hard shaft cowboy-style like a bitch on heat. Little wonder that both guys are soon splurging like a pair of hyped-up geysers for the kind of spunk-soaked finale our legion of filthy-minded fans demand!

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Arthur is one fine addition to this site, more of him please.!

mikypat, 19/January/2015

Very hot guys, and nice seeing Arthur bottom, the rimming part was my favorite part =) Super passionate, until the fucking begun for me this scene was 4/5. If Harry would have went for it and given Arthur a really hard and deep pounding it would have been 5+, nevertheless this was a great scene :)

biggerthebetter, 19/January/2015

Super scene. Both guys are great looking, toned, muscled and passionate in kissing and really hard making the most of each other. Arthur is super nice and is as a good in a passive role as in active, and the new Harry is sporty and hot as well. A cumshot in ass would have been "a cherry on the cake ", but never mind : Super Lovely Scene.

Christian, 19/January/2015

Excellent, Arthur, stay on the bottom, is more than suits you. Very good clip. Best in awhile.

bobby, 20/January/2015

Love love Arthur being on the bottom! Finally it's great to see versatility and hope to see more of both Arthur and Harry. Too often Staxus uses the same model over and over again. Need to change things up and show more variety and facials!

bucko0710, 20/January/2015

Arthur is simply beautiful. He's cute, has an amazing body and from what I have just seen, he can definitely take a dick too. I loved watching him take Harry's dick while on top. 5/5.

Funtime, 21/January/2015

great beginning - witty lead in to hot scene. Arthur deservedly praised above for his excellent bottom performance. Harry deserves praise too, big dicked and strong physique, connected with his partner,,,like to see lots more of him please. very hot scene - thanks.

britpig, 18/February/2015


Christian, 15/April/2015

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