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Reluctant Athlete Takes On His Two Horny Mates For A Flip-Flop Spit-Roasting Fuck-Fest! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 93)
Added: 21/January/2015
Duration: 28 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


As every athlete worth their salt knows, half the battle of winning the race is in the preparation – which explains why Carl Ross and Jaro Stone are so fastidious in their pre-race warming-up exercises. Not that their mate, Erik Franke, seems in any way interested in joining them – puffing on a cigarette appears to be his strange method of keeping fit! But everything changes completely once the trio have headed back home. Ross and Stone are clearly keen to engage in another form of exercise, and this time they’re not taking no for an answer.

As a result, blond-haired twink soon finds himself literally squeezed into action – which, after an initial show of reluctance, he engages upon with decided gusto. So it is that all three lads quickly have their dicks out and are enjoying the kind of cardiovascular workout that surely all of us can relate to. By the time Ross is enjoying having his ass-hole enthusiastically rimmed and is quite literally crying out to be fucked, there’s every good chance that your own keenness may have got the better of you – but hang on in there!

Not only does Ross take every raw inch that Stone has to offer, but the two guys actually flip-flop positions; whilst Franke continues his off-track observations by intermittently slurping on their cocks in turn. No doubt about it, just watching these three dudes in full rut is almost a privilege to behold; and by the time Stone and Ross seal the deal with the director by squirting their wads all over Franke’s face, your own sticky sign-off is nigh-on guaranteed! Indoor athletics has surely never looked so inviting!

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I had high expectations and they dropped like the market shares on black friday. Erik was only there for doing ATM? Its clear that the couch was uncomfortable for the models and its not the first time I see that. Next time use a normal bed or do it on the floor. And the ATM at the end with Jaro was not so sexy because of what drips out of him. Sorry but that scene is far from Johns usual standard, he must have done it in a hurry. Still 5 stars because of the models....and Jaro getting fucked the first time.

secondsky, 21/January/2015

I must say I gave the video five stars for Carl Ross' body and cock alone. Seeing him in that tight, black outfit then stopping down to reveal such a perfect body was enough of a treat for me. But...I cannot be objective as I am a Ross fan, unfortunately. More of him please!!

mtopamax, 21/January/2015

What to say? Conclusion, not much. Erik Franke there was only the number? Škoda such a nice guy and in the first scene is much did. Maybe next time?

renda567, 21/January/2015

im another fan of Mr Ross, so happy to see him... hope he did more for Staxus

marko, 21/January/2015

5/5! This was a huge treat for us who really love ATM =D very passionate guys that all seem to like what they were doing, Carl has a very pretty butt and hole and it was very hot seeing him spread his cheeks open wide for Jaro's tongue and later cock and also getting a blowjob from Erik at the same time. This went straight to my favorite list =)

thebetterbigger, 21/January/2015

Regarding what secondsky said... Jaro could been a little more thorough with the enema :P

biggerthebetter, 21/January/2015

Cette scène m'a beaucoup plu. Contrairement à ce qui a été écrit, je ne pense pas qu'un professionnel du niveau de John SMITH ait réalisé ce clip hâtivement. Erik est une superbe recrue pour le site. Il est adorable, sexy, mignon tout plein avec un petit air malicieux et coquin qui me plait énormément. D'ailleurs et au moment même où j'écris, douze personnes lui ont donné la note de 5/5. Ce minet est un formidable atout pour STAXUS et j'espère le voir en action le plus souvent possible.

Pascaloux, 21/January/2015

I like Jaro and think that he has got a great body but I'm not sure of him as a bottom. Erik looks very nice but unfortunately for me, this scene wasn't quite as good as what I had been hoping for, it would have been a lot better if Jaro and Carl had dominated Erik.

Funtime, 21/January/2015

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Staxus - Andy, 22/January/2015

Amazing, my favorite Jaro ! Look forward to February where you have more of my favourite Boys ! Including new Boy Erik !

neville, 22/January/2015

I agree with something said here about this scene : the guys should be having fun in one bed. That would be more confortable for them ;) . Great to see Jaro bottoming for the first time... But, now, my attention is focused on Erick ! Huuuummm

Vaclav, 23/January/2015

Very good scene, Jaro is again wonderful here burt I'm not grazy about him bottoming. I would pref him fuckin Erik anc Carl at the same time. Next, time, give Jaro 2 men and let's him fucking them a long time. Keep Jaro as topping please.

FSROLLINS, 23/January/2015

Erik was underused in this scene by just sucking his friends dicks who hardly cummed. What I liked most was to see Jaro bottoming taking dick, even if he does not like to appreciate it too much ! Let him train and try again.

Christian, 25/January/2015

The models in this scene were amazing alas the scene itself was not. As previously stated above they were far too squashed on the sofa, and Jaro & Carl looked like giants next to Erik. This scene was a 3/5 at best.

Joel K, 25/January/2015

Really weird how this scene's file name is 'big dicked spit roasting' while there is absolutely no spit roasting in the entire scene... Do agree though that the models are really hot and made the scene entirely worthwhile.

The B, 26/March/2015

Great to see Jaro bottoming, he's the handsomest of the Staxus models and I look forward to him bottoming more and more, he has a magnificent physique and a little lub. may make it more comfortable for him to receive.

Frank, 30/March/2015

Poor Jaro! He really doesn't like bottoming if this scene is anything to go by. I guess the models are asked to practise - maybe it's psychological and he can't relax his sphincter muscles?? He is stunningly handsome, though - I could look at his face and body all day!

Aino Wave, 16/August/2015

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