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Crime-Scene Investigation Gets The Hardcore Touch As Two Horny Officers Fuck Their Man! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 91)
Added: 27/January/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no escaping the long, strong arm of the law – as young, baby-faced Eric Franke discovers when crack police-officers Sven Laarson and Andy Fisher hunt the blond beauty down in the depths of some Czech basement. What crime he’s committed is never actually revealed, but unless you’re some highly-paid barrister it’s unlikely you’re ever gonna care.

What will concern you, however, is the fact that the sweet-looking twink is then taken back to a nearby apartment and subjected to a totally degrading (and fucking hot!) personal assault – the like of which way too many of us have probably fantasised about when faced with fellows in uniform. Hand-cuffed and gagged, with his legs parted and his ass-hole fully exposed, Franke finds himself no match to his assailant’s onslaught, which includes having a truncheon thrust into his rear; before both Laarson and Fisher take it in turn to bang the living daylights out of that cute, highly-charged fuck-hole.

It’s a display that will almost certainly bring even the most world-weary porn-lover to the edge of a tight-fisted climax; but matters get even more intense when the three fellow engage in a daisy-chain fuck, before Laarson and Fisher reach the point of no return and conclude their afternoon’s work by spewing (big time!) all over Franke’s face. That only leaves Franke with the pleasure of rupturing his own balls courtesy of a last-minute jerk-off – a fitting multi-spurt eruption to accompany your own satisfying wad!

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More of erik franke please. !!!!!

patmiky, 27/January/2015

Cette scène exceptionnelle est à couper le souffle et m'a littéralement subjugué. Je suis ravi de revoir Sven et Andy m'a également beaucoup plu. Quant au petit Erik, il est tout simplement divin. Si vous continuez à produire de telles réalisations, les prix "CYBERSOCKET" et "XBIZ" seront décernés à STAXUS et plus à BELAMI. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 27/January/2015

So nice to see Sven back, the daisy chain part was fantastic. Sven was like duracell rabbit pounding Andy like crazy whilst having Erik's cock in his ass =)

biggerthebetter, 27/January/2015

At least Sven Laarson is back! I really missed him! For me, he's the most gourgeous of all Staxus boys! Can't see enough of him !!!

markoki, 27/January/2015

Amazing Boys :-) xxxxx

Neville, 27/January/2015

Cher Pascaloux, </br></br> Prix Web, tels que XBIZ et CyberSocket, sont attribués à qui ne paie jamais plus ou pour qui parraine les événements. </br></br> Nous ne sommes pas très intéressé à gagner des prix, notre priorité numéro un est fait de nos membres heureux et ce est le seul prix que nous voulons vraiment :) </br></br> Merci d'être un fan très très fidèle de Staxus! </br></br> Cordialement, </br>Andy

Staxus - Andy, 28/January/2015

Eric Franke is so cute and I really like him but I hope he now won't be in every third scene on the site. It seems to be a Staxus hallmark now that as soon as they get a great new model they use him to death. There's an old saying in my country, "Chocolate once a week is a nice treat, but chocolate cake every night soon becomes loses its appeal".

Joel K, 28/January/2015

Hi Joel! </br></br> You can see the Staxus schedule here: <a href=""></a></br></br> Then you know exactly what's coming next and who's in it :)</br></br>Cheers!

Staxus - Andy, 28/January/2015

Erik Franke is very beautiful and I enjoyed watching this scene. Nice to see Erik tasting his own cum.

Funtime, 28/January/2015

Ok am I missing something here Joel. Erik has been in two vids hardly over exposed in my book. He's adorable and a nice new addition, as long as he is getting his brains fucked out it will take a lot before I start complaining, and you all know I do complain.

bobby, 29/January/2015

@Staxus Andy, thank you. @Bobby, please re-read my comment.

Joel K, 29/January/2015

<p>John Smith must be gifted with telepathy, reading my mind selecting the buzzwords and tags to construct this scene: Bareback, Bondage, Twinks, Threesome, Uniforms, Daisy chains... what more could I wish for. </p> <p>And Erik Franke is indeed such brilliant new performer at Staxus... a real 'high potential'! :-) Did you guys notice he has not a six- or eight-, but a TENpack?!!! Combined with that sweet angelic face, hot ass and good dick.... plus he's versatile.... a real sex bomb! </p> Another 5/5 and new favorite... what's happening, there's quite a few of those recently?! :-)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 31/January/2015

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