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Sam Williams Gets All Wrapped Up – Then Gets Fucked & Fisted Like A Bitch! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 94)
Added: 29/January/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 19 seconds
Comments: 25


If you’ve an eye for all things vanilla, then you might find the start of this scene – Sam Williams wrapped up in cling-film like a modern-day Egyptian mummy – just a little bit off-putting. Indeed, for the first couple of minutes you’d be mistaken for assuming that the said fellow might remain in that helpless state for the whole duration of the action – totally subject to the whims and fancies of the ever-horny Troy Vara throughout. The reality, however – and arguably the genius of the entire escapade – is something surprisingly different.

True, we get to see what we probably expect (albeit at the start of proceedings rather than the end) when Vara rips into the plastic and fucks his buddy up the ass. But once Williams is finally unrestrained, things take on an even more passionate turn, with Vara continuing to maintain the dominant role, and the surprisingly pliant Williams eagerly deep-throating every rampant inch of dick that he hip-thrusts in his direction. What’s more, having pleasured Williams’ ass with an all-too-brief session of rimming, it’s Vara who comes out on top and proceeds to give his mate the kind of wild, energetic fucking that so many of us dream about.

Then, as if to cement his position as top-dog in the pairing, Vara exchanges his cock for his fist – stretching Williams’ pucker to surely its very limits in the process! Given the raw intensity of the offering, it’s probably little surprise that the ensuing cum-shots almost pale into insignificance; but considering what’s gone on before we’ve a sneaking suspicion you won’t care!

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Amazing scene, but why take the shrink wrap off!! The whole scene should have had Sam being fucked whilst gasping to breath ;-) Sam Williams is my fav white porn star!! More like this!!

whatsacondom, 29/January/2015

Great scene, loved the fisting & breeding. Well done to all. !!!

patmiky, 29/January/2015

great scene. sam s a superstar .wasn't excpecting such a hot scene. The best hardcore/kinky scene of 2015 and we re only in january😃

orky, 29/January/2015

Bien que j'aie- à titre personnel préféré le trio de minets de la scène précédente, il n'en demeure pas moins que cette vidéo a été parfaitement réalisée. C'est tout à l'honneur de STAXUS de diffuser des clips variés et donc adaptés aux goûts de tout le monde. Mon abonnement actuel expire aujourd'hui même mais je repars dès lundi prochain pour une année en compagnie de votre très divertissant et exceptionnel site.

Pascaloux, 29/January/2015

The plastic wrap was fun, didn't really turn me on but I think it's fun to see new things in porn that I haven't seen before. Some people love hair, but in the future I'd love to see Sam waxed and smooth (to see how he looks without all that hair :P) The fisting was hot, usually not a fan of fisting since many of those scenes include prolapse so called "rosebuds", punch fisting and really "wrecked" assholes, but in this case it was really hot seeing Max trying to fit his hand into Sam's tight hole =)

biggerthebetter, 29/January/2015

Hi, thuis is surely the ultimate and hardest sex scene we have seen up to now from this super model Sam that indeed can do it all. Was great after a good fucking to see him at the end open his hole to take the full load of the all too happy newie Varga. Thanks.

Christian, 29/January/2015

Great scene. But like Biggerthebetter said O would love to see Sam shaved down for a few scenes. But no complaints here, this scene delivered.

bobby, 30/January/2015

Sam can do no wrong. He looks so innocent but what a dirty fucker he really is! I could watch him all day.

chupolla, 30/January/2015

This scene was fine until I saw that Alan Carly has shaved his chest and belly - why??? It's so good to have a guy with his natural fur - please don't make guys shave!

Furfix555, 30/January/2015

S-U-P-E-R-P ! Not a fan of fisting usually, but this one was an aesthetic exception :) Two super hot models, and the slightly more kinky action is a great variation among the more "mainstream" Staxus clips. Special thanks for the cum in ass ending to the director (and Sam Williams for allowing it), it's the natural end of a bareback fuck that I've been missing so long on this site! More cream pies and breeding in the future, please! :-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 31/January/2015

Best video ever. Seeing anything inside Sam WIlliams is a real treat (especially a raw cock), but watching him get fisted is utterly sublime. More of him, and more of this please.

Sam Fan, 17/April/2015

should have Sam getting fucked by a few hung black dudes would love to see his holes get punished

pk, 10/June/2015

this Sam is beautiful!!

gypsy, 17/June/2015

two holy Creatures. And they have two lovely Asses, hairy around the little Hole: to worship, lick and worship forever.......

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

Troy and Sam great job. The way you took that fist up your ass was fantastic. Troy you fuck like an animal and eat ass like there's no tomorrow. I just wished I could have been there just to swallow your man sauce. I want to eat both of your asses. I also want to get fucked by both of you at the same time. Good luck to both of you in the porn industry.

marty trawinski, 22/November/2015

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