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Darko Simic

3 Scenes

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Model Stats:

Darko speaks five languages, he loves dancing, designing, singing, writing poems, and enjoys cooking for the whole family. As a dancer he won national street dance competitions 3 times aswell as getting first place in latin and standard dances. He's got a thing for sexy blondes and likes having sex outdoors or in a public place. The say big things come in small packages... well, in this case Darko is the small package and the big thing he's got tucked into his underwear surely got the royal seal of approval from Sven Laarson and Yuri Adamov!

Interesting Fact:
When they met on set, Darko wanted to ram his cock deep inside Brad Fitt's dreamy hole.

Date of birth:
16th October 1994

5'6" / 169 cm

Cock size:
7.9" / 20 cm