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Two Horny Twink Fuckers Run To Sven Laarson’s Flat For A Kinky, Cum-Soaked Threeway! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 79)
Added: 06/February/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s be quite honest here, is there anyone who looks sexy whilst running? Why, even someone of Brad Pitt’s calibre would probably look worse for wear whilst pacing the cobbles of Prague. So look on the opening few minutes of this scene – featuring Roman Smid and Erik Franke in their rather unappealing jogging-gear – as just a mild distraction to the main action that follows. For having undertaken a hardcore cardiovascular workout out on the streets, the two would-be Olympians crash out at Sven Laarson’s place, where their horny host immediately puts them through their sexual paces!

Initially, the action is seen through the eyes of blond-boy Laarson, as Smid and the diminutive Franke kiss and fondle for his apparent entertainment. But it’s not long before director John Smith engages in a more traditional method of filming – at which point the ensuing threesome takes on a more familiar (and arguably increasingly heated) nature. Indeed, within a few moments Laarson is feasting on all that hard flesh that has come running (quite literally) to his door; before he reaches for a plastic “dog-tail” and thrusts the toy into Franke’s eager little ass-hole.

Inspired, the fellow is soon taking his turn to be “doggy”; then pushes Franke over the sofa and gives his petite pal the kind of raw, animalistic fuck he surely needs and deserves! Cue a fantastic ball-bustin’ threesome that culminates in a pile-on fuck-fest – Smid fucking Laarson fucking Franke – and which eventually results in Franke getting a absolutely terrific face-load of jizz from both his filthy mates!

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Thanks for another good one guys,realy enjoyed it. Keep those cute new models coming along please.

patmiky, 06/February/2015

Can we please get Erik with a one on one with a hot top that really pounds him. This threesome group stuff does nothing for me.

bobby, 06/February/2015

i enjoyed this scene a lot. well endowed Roman is welcomed addition to staxus.

marko, 06/February/2015

Wow!! I loved every last second of this, for me it is probably one of the best that I have seen on Staxus. All 3 guys are so beautiful and fit perfectly with each other. I would happily have been any of the guys in this scene. Best bit for me apart from the cumshots was at 18:11. More of the same please and Thank You.

Funtime, 06/February/2015

My favorite part was Sven in the middle...a Sven sandwich. So HOT. ❤dr

dr24, 06/February/2015

J'attendais avec impatience la diffusion de cette scène grandiose qui a très largement répondu à mes attentes. Le très sexy Sven a été comme à son habitude brillant et motivé. Roman est un très séduisant jeune homme dont les débuts sont très prometteurs. Quant à Erik, il est tout simplement le nouveau "petit prince" du site. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 06/February/2015

Loved Roman and his big cock. But for me I prefered the earlier threeway that Sven and Erik was in with Andy, it was more rough and had more ass to mouth action going on. I always love daisy chains, and great with toys that butt plug was hot =) and Sven makes an excellent guy to be in the middle of a daisy chain =)

biggerthebetter, 06/February/2015

The newie Roman has a nice big juicy cock that he gives with enthiusiasm to Sven and Erik. Good

christian, 06/February/2015

I loved this scene and new it would be hot with Sven ! I love Erik's eyes and the tall handsome Roman with the georgeous cock !

Neville, 06/February/2015

<p>Sven Laarson has always been among my Staxus favorites, and Erik Franke is really a sweet little angel... his first scenes were really hot, in my eyes.</p><p> The debut of Roman Smid was also a nice surprise, he seems to enjoy what he's doing in this scene... plus he looks great, and his dick obviously is a valuable asset in porn ;-) </p> A bit disappointing that once more, the orgasms are limited to wanking and facials, rather than creampies and cum-in-ass... hope to see more of that in future scenes. All in all, a good 4.5 for me. :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 07/February/2015

Great scene, three hot guys. A+++ Really like Erik and Roman looks like a hot addition to your stable (and @Nympho yeesh dude give it a rest with the constant going on about creampies and stuff. You sound like a broken record now!)

Joel K, 07/February/2015

I adore the elfish Franke.

thunderball, 08/February/2015

Three cracking guys and great chemistry - what more could you want?? This is the first scene with Roman, I think, but I've watched most of his later scenes already. He is sex on legs and erotically exotic. A guy who comes across as very genuine and natural. ROMAN - THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR INCOMPARABLE BEAUTY WITH US xxx

Aino Wave, 03/June/2015

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