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Kinky Threesome Gets This Perverse Bunch Of Twinks Shamelessly Fucking & Creaming! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 78)
Added: 10/February/2015
Duration: 18 minutes, 29 seconds
Comments: 25


If the sight of young blond, Erik Franke, crawling around on all fours wearing nothing more than a jockstrap and a gas-mask does nothing for you during the course of the opening few minutes of this scene then there’s the undeniable possibility that the subsequent kinky escapade is not exactly going to float your boat. That, of course, is the nature of fetish – one man’s raging hard-on is the next man’s limp stick! If, on the other hand, the perverse little show (complete with Timmy Treasure and Xander Rex watching to one side) catches your eye then no question about it, your luck’s in!

This is not to say in any way that the entire threesome you’re about to enjoy (or endure, depending on your preference) is in any way a purely specialised spectacle – the sight of Treasure frantically riding Franke’s ramrod a little way into the action will almost certainly appeal to a whole cross-section of fans, after all. But there’s no denying the overall specialised nuance of the action as a whole – a theme that’s underlined by the use of a blacked-out background and camouflage netting on the floor.

Indeed, the overall sense of kink only intensifies when Rex (who initially seems almost an outsider to the antics of his two mates) proceeds to fuck both mates; before introducing a metal ass-plug into the mix and eventually creaming Franke’s well-worked hole. That leaves Franke and Treasure the task of working out their own pent-up loads, courtesy of a brief 69-session that results in them spewing over each other’s faces. A definite must for those who like it queer!

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Love seeing Erik get fucked. How about letting Tom Crua bang that tight boypussy?

Phoenician, 10/February/2015

Superb scene! May I make a proposal for the next movie with three guys: In the 15th minute it would have been a great thing to see Erik cum in exactly that position, being there on Timmy´s back. We see his cock being rock-hard, so it would have been something "kink" to have Erik cum hands-free on Timmy´s back! Just a suggestion for your next movies. But congrats to all three guys, they did a great job!

Andi, 10/February/2015

Super hot! All three are really totally sexy, horny throughout the clip, bodies to die for (eightpack! tenpack!) and engaged in great action. Loved Xander Rex fucking sexy Erik and Timmy alternatingly... all in all, 5/5 and one more favourite for me! :-) Just one wish: More cream pies and internal cum shots, please!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 10/February/2015

Mr Cream Pie is back ha ha ! I wanna see a Cream pie, cream pie, cream pie. I swear you say the same thing on EVERY scene. Time to change the record maybe? And great scene guys :) And I for one prefer to see the guys cumming all over each others bodies or on faces, on the arse bores me to tears.

Joel K, 10/February/2015

SO not a fan of the 'edgy' direction of some of these recent posts.

etienne, 10/February/2015

There was a lot of thing I liked about this but some things I didn't like. Timmy Treasure is cute but he doesn't look young and fresh like almost all other staxus model. And I wished he would have been more thurough with his enema, it was really cool with that unusual buttplug, but in the end when Xander pull it out the liquid seeping out from his butt was not so hot :P

biggerthebetter, 10/February/2015

J'ai apprécié chaque seconde de ce nouveau clip exceptionnel. Erik (mon petit chouchou) a été phénoménal. Non seulement ce petit ange est mignon tout plein mais il est très performant dans l'action. STAXUS détient avec Erik une perle rare à mettre en valeur le plus souvent possible.

Pascaloux, 10/February/2015

Nice scene, I can't get enough of Erik, although I always think that it's a waste if every last drop of cum doesn't end up in someones mouth. I agree with Phoenician, I want to see a proper power-top dominate Erik.

Funtime, 10/February/2015

I agree with Funtime, I want to see Erik used one on one by power tops, enough of these mixed threesomes.

bobby, 10/February/2015

my God, delicious ! Erik, i adore you !!!

PaoloRome, 11/February/2015

Erik, i worship you religiously. Your Ass is a holy Temple, your noble Cock is God, your precious Sperm is Jesus and your elegant Orgasm is the Holy Spirit !!!

PaoloRome, 11/February/2015

but true Spirituality is no molecular.

PaoloMonaco, 15/November/2017

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