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It’s A Fuck-&-Run Bonanza for One Horny Bitch As Harry Vakker Ploughs His Hungry Ass! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 60)
Added: 16/February/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 24 seconds
Comments: 25


Running can be a lonely affair – as Alan Sillitoe detailed in “The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner” – but then people who play the recorder don’t have many friends either. Perhaps that explains why Florian Mraz and Harry Vakker seem to hit it off so quickly at the start of this spunk-inducing duo. Then again, it could have something to do with the fact that they’re both top-notch beauties, neither of whom any right-minded fellow would kick out of bed in a hurry.

To be fair, it’s Mraz who (perhaps not surprisingly given his previous escapades) gives initial impetus to proceedings, laid out as he is in nothing more than a pair of sexy briefs and throwing come-to-bed eyes at his mate right from the off. What’s more, the lad’s clearly in the mood for a little bit of kink from the pairing – sniffing Vakker’s running-shoes and socks as if he was inhaling poppers. But whilst the athlete isn’t the one who does the initial running – excuse the pun! – he’s not shy at responding to his horny little pal’s advances; and before you know it the two fellows are greedily 69-ing each other over a sofa like a couple of sex-starved cock-fiends.

Suffice it to say that it’s not long before Vakker is getting a very different form of exercise courtesy of Mraz’s over-worked fuck-hole – still sporting his fitness-tracker round his waist as he does so – by which time you’ll no doubt be giving your wrist a similarly furious work-out! And the fat-burning, nad-churning antics only conclude when both lads rupture like a couple of volcanoes, the jizz quite literally firing in every direction imaginable!

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The sight of Florian taking a big cock in his ass and moaning from pleasure is a pure joy =D I would really enjoy to see Florian get pair up with and manhandled by Shane Barett =)

biggerthebetter, 16/February/2015

such a handsome couple! both were so involved in this scene, i enjoyed a lot.

marko, 16/February/2015

Two guys just going through the motions for a couple of hundred dollars, zero chemistry, boring !

Joel K, 17/February/2015

I have to agree with Joel !

Neville, 17/February/2015

Have to say I enjoyed this one. The messy finish both boys delivered at the end has to be commented on and I need to say WOW, lol

Tommy, 17/February/2015

Nice cumshots!!

Funtime, 17/February/2015

Yes, big, messy cum shots: more of them., please... and messy facial cumshots with jizz running down cute twink face and chin...

London81, 17/February/2015

I am fairly new to this site but having browsed through quite a few of the recent scenes they are either very good or extremely dull. Maybe it depends if your director is having a good day or a bad day when he shoots. Theres very little middle ground. Also would be nice to see some more "real" twinks on the site as there are very of them lately on here. Erik seems to be the only real one and then he is cast very badly constantly in threeways. Cmon Mr Director !!

Joel K, 17/February/2015

Can`t agree to the comments above. For me its a wonderful scene with extremely cute czech boys and their wonderful trained bodeis. The moment when Harry`s pants go down and his hard dick jumps high into the air makes me cum again and again!Wonderful staxus!Please more of such great clips..

Chris, 18/February/2015

have to agree with Chris - hunky guys having a hot time after a wet outdoors run, great first penetration shot as Harry gives his nice big dick a push into Florian's sexy smooth ass was real hot. It's a fun variation on the sports sex scene, one shoe still on and even the reflector belt. Great - thanks all.

britpig, 18/February/2015

Florian is super cute and loves bottoming. The tight abs of his partner are amazing and he knows how to please him. Good final cum shot. In Florian' s ass wld have been a delight ! Next time ?

christian, 21/February/2015

Me encanta Harry, folla como los dioses!

capardoq, 27/February/2015

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