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It’s Pants Off For A Raw, Big-Dicked Threesome – Topped Off By A Face-Load Of Spunk! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 67)
Added: 18/February/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 50 seconds
Comments: 25


They might be sporting some rather sexy underwear, but – as is usually the case with guys their age – Luke Vogel and Nathan Dale are both as horny as fuck at the start of this encounter and have little if any inclination to remain in them for very long. Indeed, so it proves. Within minutes their smooching has resulted in the pants being flung to one side and Dale is giving his dark-haired buddy an energetic blow-job – a favour that’s very promptly returned when Vogel skilfully deep-throats his buddy.

It’s at this point that you’d be easily forgiven for thinking that you’re never going to see another pair of underpants in this scene ever again – but hey, guys, you’d be wrong! For along comes the ever-adorable Arthur Kral in a pair of bright green boxer-trunks – which if anything only turns the action even more fevered and energetic! As a result, Kral’s pants gain an almost immediate (but not exactly surprising) ejection from proceedings; as all attention swings towards blond-boy Dale and that deliciously hungry ass-hole of his – not to mention his horse-hung dick!

Indeed, this is a boy whose appetite for hardcore action is such that he’d surely send a crowd of celibates into a rampant frenzy; and before long he’s being rimmed by Kral, then fucked by Vogel. Matters intensify further when Vogel face-fucks the lad whilst Kral bangs his ass; but it’s the conga-line fuck (Kral screwing Vogel, Vogel screwing Dale) that ultimately brings matters to a head. The result? Dale gets a tsunami of spunk sprayed over his face – just the way the bitch likes it!

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My, my ,my,my my my... :-)

etienne, 18/February/2015

3 hot guys having hot sex! Nate looks so hot with 2 loads on his face & in his mouth!

mwhisky, 18/February/2015

Great scene... all of them hot guys, in a nice variety of 3some options... particularly liked Nathan's 2 holes being taken care of simultaneously... and, of course, the daisy chain :)) I'd prefer Nathan with his natural hair color (and without the piercing) but still a hot, passionate bottom... Luke really proves to be a hard-pounding, hung stud in his second scene... and Arthur, what a cutie! Well done all! 5/5 and a new favorite for me. :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/February/2015

Wow, horny and wonderful.Though Luke is not the most handsome boy in the staxus team, he perfectly fits into it.Just 18 years old and horny as a boy can be! 5 stars,staxus!

Chris, 18/February/2015

J'octroie sans l'ombre d'une hésitation la note de 5/5 à ce clip grandiose qui réunit un trio de jeunes hommes magnifiques, motivés et en forme olympique. Staxus est en train de devenir clip après clip la référence mondiale du porno gay sur "internet". J'attends avec impatience la publication du calendrier des vidéos qui seront diffusées au mois de mars.

Pascaloux, 18/February/2015

I really enjoyed watching Luke and Arthur gag on Nathan's big cock, especially all the moments where Luke tried to deepthroat it over and over :) Nathan has the cock of a pornstar, but he's not up to standard with the looks of staxus models (to my liking), especially not with Arthur and Luke that both are absolutely stunning guys.

biggerthebetter, 18/February/2015

King Aurthur is a favourite ! The deep throating of Luke is amazing and the ATM is so erotic ! The monster cocks are magnificent and Nathan you are so passionate that this is I agree a 5 star rating.

neville, 18/February/2015

As said, Arthur Kral is a super hot guy, all in, all out, and Luke Vogel is as well well endowed, cute and versatile. Both could easilly be paired with some more recent great guys seen here if possible : Sam williams, Florian Mraz, Xander Rex, Troy Vara or Mike james to name a few but the most obvious candidates for lots of future good scenes !

Christian, 18/February/2015

Nathan is an adorable power bottom ! Keep him on, Staxus. What an amazing bottom. Love the way he delivers his body and his moans too ;), specially when he took Vogel's big cock. Arthur is a nice performer too, but, here, i would prefer to see Nathan taking Vogel only ;). Even so, great scene guys

Vaclav, 19/February/2015

2 of my favourite models in this scene, Arthur and Nathan so I was always going to love it, just a shame that Nathans cum was wasted but a nice facial finish is always enjoyable.

Funtime, 19/February/2015

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