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Sven Laarson Gets Fucked & Fisted, With A Hot Wax Shower & Loads Of Jizz To Boot! HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 71)
Added: 24/February/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


The problem with consumerism is that it never satisfies the individual – the more we have, the more we want! A problem that gorgeous blond bombshell, Sven Laarson, has to confront head-on when his birthday arrives and none of the gifts he gets really hits the mark. Fortunately for this horny young cock-fiend, however, he’s blessed with quite a tremendous imagination, and it’s not long before he’s creating the perfect present for himself in his head.

And what is this fabulous gift? Why, none other than the über-desirable Florian Mraz – who, in addition to being utterly divine, is also as hyped-up as fuck and gagging for hardcore action. Okay, so he doesn’t come gift-wrapped, but that’s surely a minor irritation given how eagerly the fellow dives onto Laarson’s dick having initially provided a very pleasurable, oily rub-down. Certainly Laarson doesn’t appear to question the quality of his dream-boy, that’s for sure – in fact, given the way that he’s soon throwing hot wax over himself in a bid to heighten the experience still further it’s pretty clear that this is a guy who’s way out of control and fuckin’ loving it!

What’s more, his pleasure is only intensified when Mraz turns his attention to that hungry little pucker that’s nestling between his butt-cheeks; signalling the start of a terrific fuck-and-fist session that provides Laarson’s hole with the stretching of its life, and which ultimately results in the fellow spewing like a geyser over his belly. That just leaves Mraz with the task of spraying his jizz over his buddy’s ass – a creamy finale for a first-class romp!

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Well done guys, super hot scene.!!!

patmiky, 24/February/2015

Sven and Florian are two of my most beloved Staxus-Models ever - nice to have them together in 1 scene. Very nice video with cute boys doing filthy things! I love it!

Andi, 24/February/2015

Unfortunately not as good as I was expecting.

Funtime, 24/February/2015

Deliciously kinky. Sven is one adventurous boy.

jasyn19, 24/February/2015

Well, serious fisting fans (which I'm not one of) wouldn't probably call this slight half-way-in attempt real fisting... and the huge dildo being placed in the beginning of the clip also awakes expectations that remain unfilled... nevertheless, nice action of two hot and eager guys... still a 4/5 for me. Probably a first (small) step towards "Staxus Extreme"... nice! :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/February/2015

A great scene with our Boy Sven taking the punishment for our enjoyment (deserves a bonus) ! Love these two Boys who realy got stuck in! Thank you Staxus Team.

Neville, 24/February/2015

Some of my favorite models, but as mention before, those dildos brought on a lot of expectations of great dildo action that never happened. I would have enjoyed very much to see those dildos in action even if Sven only would have been able to take an inch or so or him just taking some less wide (but still long) sex toys, the girth of those toys where a bit crazy :P However A for effort for Sven trying to take Florian's fist, seeing how super tight Sven seems to be.

biggerthebettter, 24/February/2015

Un dicton français dit que les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas. Mais en ce qui me concerne, je n'apprécie pas particulièrement les séquences de fist. J'espère simplement que l'adorable Sven aura reçu une indemnité supplémentaire pour avoir accepté de subir ce qu'il a enduré. Quant au fait de créer "STAXUS-EXTREME", je suis très sceptique sur le succès de cette initiative. En revanche, créer un site annexe à minets à l'instar des "Kinky Angels" chez BA serait beaucoup plus adéquat et entraînerait à tous les coups un multitude d'adhérents nouveaux. Néanmoins, je souhaite un succès le plus large possible à STAXUS-EXTREME.

Pascaloux, 24/February/2015

Despite the cute 2 lovely guys, I have not been a big fan of this strange dark scene. for once, I m so surprised to agree tonight with Pascaloux's opinion, both concerning Staxus extreme and twink site, although there are already many twinks on Staxus. We'll see what future brings.

Christian, 24/February/2015

I certainly would have preferred a all-the-way-in fisting event.

Jasyn19, 25/February/2015

Having read Pascaloux on the subject of Exreme, there is something about Staxus that for me is really great and that is the great variety of types of scene - from the "extreme" (I'm not sure this scene was all THAT extreme really) to the cutesy vanilla of other scenes. As I delve into the archives, especially the DP scenes, I so wish I had discovered Staxus years ago.

Jasyn19, 25/February/2015

Not my cup of tea, however I could watch Sven brush his teeth and I would enjoy it. ❤dr

dr24, 25/February/2015

This Video is the Triumph of homosexual Love and of Manly. Splendid the fetish Underwear of the two Boys. Two little Bulls who practice Sodomy with holy gay Lust . fisting is perfect, the Origin of Masculinity, true religious Worship of Virility. As to see to the Boys in schools to Lesson of Gender.

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

gay Sex to Candlelight: Homosexuality as religious Worship of holy Masculinity (soon the new Religion of all the World).

Paolo, 14/April/2017

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Paolo, 14/April/2017

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