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Mike James Acts The Total Bitch Courtesy Of A Thick, Meaty Italian Salami! HD

3.0/5 (Total votes: 60)
Added: 02/March/2015
Duration: 16 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


They’ve clearly both got a distinct penchant for underwear – and given the sexy nature of the product in question it’s no wonder – but, having fooled around together during the opening moments of this little escapade, Mike James and Victor Diamond just want to strip off and enjoy each other as nature intended. And that, of course, is a pretty easy task given just how gorgeous both these handsome fuck-buddies are. James, in particular, doesn’t seem able to get enough of his buddy’s thick, uncut meat, and within a few moments is busily gobbling down as much Italian salami as he can fit in his mouth.

Not that Diamond appears to have any less of an appetite; but, as we all know very well by now, James is very much the born bottom and he evidently can’t wait to have it pushing into his rear and filling him up good and proper. An ambition that he achieves with his trademark gusto, taking every aching inch like the pro we all know and love. Then having sat on the stick and ridden the monster, he bends over and takes it all from behind – Diamond’s heavy balls slapping his ass in the process.

Unable to resist one final ride, James bounces up and down on his buddy’s lap; before nature finally gets the better of him and he jerks out a handsome wad of jizz for us all to enjoy. That just leaves Diamond to complete proceedings with a thick, gooey, Roman splooge of his own – a fitting finale to an exceptional coupling. In short, man-on-man fornication at its beautiful best!

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Looks like this scene is a draft, rather than a real finished work. The guys are cute, but obviously not passionate in each other and why is Victor Diamond suddenly wearing a condom to fuck Mike when we saw him in previous scene playing bareback ? Surely an unwelcomed precedent.

Christian, 02/March/2015

I agree with Christian.....totally boring....devoid of any emotion and yah why the condom.

lonesomeinkc, 02/March/2015

Indeed no passion between them, they hardly look at each other whilst having sex:-( But they are cute too..can become better..

Chris, 02/March/2015

Disapointing guys, expect better from this site.

patmiky, 02/March/2015

Yes, boring, will expect better from these two beautiful guys..

LOLOPII, 02/March/2015

Goodness me this has got to be the worst scene of the year so far. ZERO passion between the guys at all and Victor is obviously only there for his pay check. I read a comment earlier by a guy named Steve saying something about giving the guys time but its nothing to do with the models, its poor direction on behalf of whoever your director for this scene was. Maybe someone needs to show him what passion is as its sorely lacking in a lot of the scenes lately.

Joel K, 02/March/2015

Just look at Victors face from around 14:10. You can almost imagine him thinking "fuck I'm bored I want to go home" , a good director should at least be telling him to fake that he's enjoying it. I signed up to Staxus after seeing some of your scenes on Helix but theres a lot of very poor scenes lately on your site. The Erik & Artur one for instance was hugely dissapointing considering it was two of the cutest models on your site. C'mon guys you can do much better than this (I hope!).

Joel K, 02/March/2015

Je partage entièrement l'avis des autres intervenants sur le manque total de passion entre ces deux modèles. Jusqu'à présent, Mike avait fait preuve de réels dons de comédien en simulant passion et plaisir mais pas cette fois et pour cause. En effet, il s'avère à mon grand regret que Mike est hétéro puisque je viens de le voir il n'y a pas une demi-heure sur une site hétéro entreprendre une blonde bien en chair. Il s'agit d'ailleurs du même site que celui utilisé par Schane Barret pour contenter sa petite amie. Ces deux là, auxquels on peut ajouter Denis REED, je ne souhaite plus les voir sur le site. Ils ne sont pas un atout pour STAXUS mais un handicap. Depuis que j'ai appris que tous les modèles de BA sont hétéros y compris Kévin WARHOL (le plus grand acteur porno gay de tous les temps) j'ai décidé de ne plus être membre chez eux alors que je l'étais depuis 1999. Je suggère donc à STAXUS de veiller à ce que leurs modèles gays pour de l'argent ne se corrompent pas dans du porno hétéro parce que cela risque de faire fuir les clients les plus âgés et dont je fais partie.

Pascaloux, 02/March/2015

Victor has beuatiful face, but this scen was so boring and the boys dont seem to like eachother. The condom just make you start question the scen...

Stax-fab, 02/March/2015

@Pascaloux what a stupid comment, and how rude to refer to a model as a handicap. Mike didnt just become bad If you don't like the fact they are straight and stick their cocks in girls, then you are subscribed to the wrong site buddy. I don't care where they stick their cocks in their private lives as long as what they do here is good.

Joel K, 03/March/2015

Joel K, il n'y a qu'un point avec lequel je suis d'accord avec vous. Je n'aurais pas dû employer le mot "handicap" qui est maladroit voire même impoli puisque vous le jugez comme tel. Si Mike a par hasard lu mon commentaire et s'est senti offensé, je suis disposé à lui présenter mes excuses. Pour le reste, je maintiens que les gays pour de l'argent qui font en parallèle du porno hétéro n'ont plus à être engagés dans un site de porno gay. Vous pouvez penser que je suis un vieil imbécile déconnecté des réalités d'aujourd'hui, je m'en moque comme de ma dernière chemise. Manifestement, leurs petites amies doivent avoir les idées larges pour accepter une telle situation.

Pascaloux, 03/March/2015

hi yes sadly Victor will have to go. Great looking guy but he just wont perform - he is only interested in the money and has no passion or interest in anything else. and despite what some say we cant magic passion out of a guy if it isn't in there - your more than welcome to contact Victor and try! ha ha. We have one last scene with him in the pipeline which I hope comes out better and then we will let him go. Pity as he looks great, but such is life. sincerely steve

steve, 04/March/2015

Hi Steve, thanks for the reply and it's good to see he won't be back. He really is dreadful. I would just add that the lack of passion is something not only missing from this scene. Erik Franke was clearly not interested at all during his scene with Artur and again in some of the threeways looked like he was just there for the cash. Compare both Victor and Erik to Yuri Adamovs performance in the scene today with Roman Smid and you will see what I mean. Yuri has PASSION and lots of it. Maybe you're overpaying these guys and they're getting lazy, I dunno ...

Joel K, 04/March/2015

I don't care, I don't really care, about what any model does on his private life, or even if any model performs for other studio as bi or even as a straight guy. I don't care !. What I really care about is for the outcome of any scene. No one is perfect. Not even Jesus was perfect. So, what I really care is about performance, passion, emotion, thrill, and everything related to a moment of sex ! Being cute can't be always rule number one about models. I know our eyes go always straight to the face, but I'm always interested about any model's ability for performing on sex ! This is my opinion about porn models. I respect Victor, but if he's not good enough then I respect Staxus decision of course.

Vaclav, 04/March/2015

Pack up Mike James with him, there is plenty of old stuff here with him for those that like him. But I have seen enough of him.

bobby, 05/March/2015

very disappointing, don't do such boring scenes any more...

thomas, 05/March/2015

As far as the pace Victor was pounding Mike with it was good, but judging from Victor's face he was not so into what they where doing.

biggerthebetter, 06/March/2015

If I had the privelage of having sex with a hot guy like Mike, The least I could do is take & swallow his load!

mwhisky, 09/March/2015

This scene and the various comments got me thinking about why I like Staxus so much and why, after about a year of subscribing to them, I have never quite been able to enjoy Bel Ami/Kinky Angels in the same way. Yes, some (not by any means all) of their models are of the highest order in terms of looks, and this works very well in glossy coffee-table books and large calendars. However, it has taken me the whole year to put my finger on what is wrong with BA/KA, why the scenes with beautiful models rarely did it for me. It is almost like a cult, a gay porn version of the Stepford Wives or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The scenes are very predictable, they stick to a pretty rigid formula, and the models seem to be very well trained to abide by the rules. It is all terribly safe. Staxus, on the other hand, while it has its questionable moments like this scene, feels very fresh to me and, dare I say it, really aware of what people want in 2015. You can keep your Warhols, Boleyns, Harrers and Archuletas and their style over substance - for my personal tastes, Staxus has the best performers, and many of them look beautifully natural and not as if they spend all day in the gym. One final point - I may be mistaken, but I thought George Duroy of BA/KA said he didn't like gay models. However, I think he misused the word and actually meant "gay-acting", ie. effeminate; so I'm not sure all the models at BA/KA are straight.

Aino Wave, 01/June/2015

I hope you'll bring Mike James back. He has such a beautiful face, warm smile, and elegant sleek body. Most of his pairings have been unremarkable but through no fault of his own.

Mitch_MN, 17/October/2015

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