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Benjamin Dunn Gives His Little Buddy A Very Big Cock To Take Up His Bubble-Butt Arse! HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 88)
Duration: 26 minutes, 13 seconds
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There’s no disguising the simple contrast in height between these two gorgeous demi-gods – Florian Mraz is quite simply inches shorter than Benjamin Dunn, as evidenced when the two fellows stand together in the doorway at the start of this terrific cock-wrangling scene! But the one thing they do have in common – other than an apparent interest in underwear! – is a love of raw, impassioned fornication. An interest which they are both clearly keen to explore almost from the very start.

As a result, it’s not too long before the pants have been tossed to one side and the two lads are taking it in turns to greedily devour each other’s dicks; before Dunn’s desire to master the situation appears to get the better of him and he pushes Mraz over an armchair so that he fully investigate his sweet, bubble-butt! Mind, with a cute, ass-winking beauty like that on offer is it really any wonder that Dunn is entranced from the off? Why, he eagerly rims the hungry little hole like a being possessed; and before you know it he’s resigned totally to his instincts and is burying his meaty, uncut shaft deep inside Mraz’s pucker. A move that clearly makes for the horned-up bottom’s very obvious satisfaction!

What follows is, quite simply, a beautiful display of man-on-man rutting at its best, with Mraz riding that handsome donger throughout like it was what he was always born to do. The wide-smiled boy’s pleasure remains self-evident throughout – right up to his own magnificent cum-shot and the almost-equally spray of his buddy, which combine to splatter his abs in a wave of goo!

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