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Young Wannabe Gives Jace Reed’s Monster Cock A Raw Ride – POV-style! (My First POV Scene #1) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 125)
Added: 10/March/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 11 seconds
Comments: 25


It would take a hardened porn-addict to recognise Jace Reed in this “Point-Of-View” style scene given that the only parts of his body that we see throughout the action are his hands and cock – but hey, who’s to say that our fans don’t possess such talents?! As a result, it’s young Noah Matous who features as the centrepiece of all the action; beginning with his arrival outside Reed’s room (where he is fully clothed), before Reed very promptly helps his visitor out of his shirt and presents the lad with his thick, meaty, uncut cock.

Not surprisingly, it’s a “gift” that Matous shows no sign of rejecting. Instead, the young, doe-eyed beauty takes the oversized into his mouth like he’s tasting an exotic, sumptuous ice-cream; after which he’s stripped of his trousers and Reed takes a few moments to play with Matous’s dick for the camera. But such pleasure is short-lived. Before you know it, Reed is turning his attention on the youngster’s cock-hungry ass-hole; and soon Matous is taking every inch of dick in his butt like a bitch on heat! He rides it cowboy-style, he takes it from behind, he takes it on his back – this boy is seriously in need of hardnosed action, and it shows!

As such, it’s no surprise that both guys are soon reaching the point of no return; first Reed creaming the lad’s belly, before sticking his dick back into his ass, then Matous rupturing his nads Vesuvius-style! It’s a fitting finale for a truly tremendous display from both buddies, and one that’s bound to cream you off!

** MY FIRST POV, Scene 1 **

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I'm truly convinced that Noah will be an amazing performer here at Staxus. It's his first scene and, my God, he's amazing. Outstanding indeed. Oh'll put us in heaven ;) . You have a gorgeous smile, nice body, big cock, and a superb ass. Your first scene was made with a big dicked guy and Jace took really good care of you ! Loved to see him opening your ass with his hands, loved to see him giving it a little spanking, enjoyed so much seeing Jace taking you from behind and seeing your face and smile at the same time... Great scene and, for that, I say thank you much Noah ! Thank you for this amazing first scene from you. Staxus : don't let run away this gorgeous little devil ;))))

Vaclav, 10/March/2015

SHORT: I'm officially in love with Noah. Get him an exclusive contract immediately! Or I'll start a sit-in at Staxus headquarter in Amsterdam :-p

secondsky, 10/March/2015

Lots more of Noah please!

DeePeeZee, 10/March/2015

Didn't have time to view it yet, but 5.0 average after 18 votes... that looks promising! :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 10/March/2015

Very good scene and Noah is an excellent performer. I actually think these POV videos are better than the normal shoots your director does. They are certainly more natural and real and dont feel so staged.

Joel K, 10/March/2015

At first this camera view position seemed a little strange to me because you can`t see nice Jace for just a second.But it`s something special we didn`t have seen often here:-) 4 stars

Chris, 10/March/2015

Talking of POV, I wonder what a GoPro attached to that Jace monster would look like?

Jasyn19, 10/March/2015

Noah could be a nice addition for the new extreme site, too.

secondsky, 10/March/2015

J'octroie sans l'ombre d'une hésitation la note de 5/5 à cette superbe réalisation. Noah est une nouvelle découverte formidable pour le site. Non seulement ce petit minet est adorable et mignon tout plein mais il a en outre été très bon pour sa première prestation. De plus, il avoir donné comme partenaire pour sa première scène le très performant Jace REED est un choix très judicieux. STAXUS a encore été très brillant ce soir. Bravo.

Pascaloux, 10/March/2015

By a country mile, the best POV scene that I have ever watched. I have to agree with the other members, Noah is something special, a beautiful face, a beautiful body and a beautiful cock, what more could you ask for(other than some time alone with him!!!). I would love to see Noah in a BDSM type scene. In short, I would love to spend 40 days and 40 nights in Noah's Ark.

Funtime, 10/March/2015

</p>I guess this is the first full time POV clip I see from John Smith... and it really couldn't have been any better!</p><p>As Funtime said, there is little on Noah which isn't perfect - and did you notice that seductive smile he can put on? Half angel, half devil... a perfect sex bomb! Paired with Jace Reed, with his fat dick and enduring passion... one of my all-time Staxus favourites.... the two really spoiled each other up to a juicy ending! :-)) </p>For me a clear 5/5 stars and a new favorite.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 10/March/2015

Thank you for those beautiful eyes looking at me all the time ! This Boy I hope will remain with Staxus and give much more of himself. The photo gallery is also sensual ! A new favorite for me as well.

Neville, 11/March/2015

@Secondsky : I agree with you. I'm also in "love" with this cutie. And @Nympho, you're right too : "half angel, half devil ;)...a perfect sex bomb" . Great Noah ! Great model Staxus has !!!

Vaclav, 11/March/2015

The doggystyle was really awesome =) I like when the bottoms are submissive putting their head down and ass up for the top to plow, I also think it was hot when Jace grabbed and held down Noah's arm whilst fucking him, and then fingering Noah's mouth =D

biggerthebetter, 11/March/2015

OH MY GOD was Noah ever cute, and so eager to please. I loved the closeups of his face with a big dick in his mouth...Very HOT ❤dr

dr24, 11/March/2015

Whoa! Noah is just beautiful!

Noel, 12/March/2015

Everyone is right Noah is so perfect.A beautiful body with a big cock and a hole which everyone including me would love to possess

simonxxx, 27/March/2015

well it was great but i suggest you guys fuck deeper next time, and missionary would have been a great position for this pov ;)

fozz, 01/April/2015

What a great performer is Noah ! He' s a beautiful , sexy, cute boy. I hope to see him with Staxus for a long time . GREAT !

marop75, 05/April/2015

Brilliantly done!!!!!

Paul, 21/May/2016

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