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Young brit gets a traditional Czech welcome (Twink Hotel Scene 1) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 101)
Added: 12/March/2015
Duration: 31 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


The arrival of young Leo Ocean encourages both Jace Reed and Roman Smid into a very hospitable mood. Out comes the fizz, laced with some disarming banter – and before you know it the fair-headed guest is quite literally putty in his hosts’ hands. Not that he shows even the slightest glimmer of resistance past the first kiss. Indeed, it’s barely a few seconds before Reed’s first peck on the cheek has blossomed into a full display of male frontal nudity – exactly the kind of reception that any of us would welcome given half the opportunity and which the cock-minded English visitor grabs with open arms, not to mention a very open mouth!

Indeed, this is a boy who must think he’s arrived in Nirvana by the time (not long afterwards) that he’s got Smid and Reed’s dicks in each hand – a feeling that surely only intensify when the two hosts take it in turns to suck his dick, before turning their tongue-probing attention to his tight, hairless ass-hole. By this point, of course, it’s pretty fucking obvious that both Reed and Smid are gonna want to take it in turns to plough into that hungry little pucker – as indeed soon proves to be the case. What probably hasn’t quite occurred to Ocean, however, is that they’re also both going to want to do it at the same time!

Saying no to such a proposition would just be rude, of course – as well as downright insane given the size of dick on offer! – and to his credit the fair-headed youngster is soon being double-dicked like a veritable pro! In short, quite a performance all round – and one that we just know you’re gonna love right up until the time that all three lads squirt very satisfying loads of jizz!

** TWINK HOTEL, Scene 1 **

Member comments: add comment

Leo Ocean - A star is born!! More of him please :p

whatsacondom, 12/March/2015

Gay boys do gay sex better than straight actors. A well-shot, entirely credible and extraordinarily erotic threesome, spit roasting and to-die-for double penetration. Lucky lucky visitor with an ability to match his appetite.

Jasyn19, 12/March/2015

I especially like Roman Smid and Jace of course too.. Agree with the opinion can see and feel that all three boys enjoy having gay sex..passion and emotions pure!Very,very good!

Chris, 12/March/2015

Love the excellent DP you can really tell how much Leo was enjoying getting a good going over! Can't wait for more of him!!

Britlad44, 12/March/2015

Après Richie- Erik et Noah, STAXUS vient de faire une nouvelle trouvaille formidable en la personne de l'adorable petit Léo. Ce petit minet est mignon comme un ange et surtout, il est gay. Il a réalisé pour sa première scène une performance de très haut niveau. De plus, John SMITH a été particulièrement inspiré en lui donnant comme partenaires pour sa première expérience dans le porno les très séduisants Jace et Roman. STAXUS a encore frappé un grand coup ce soir. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 12/March/2015

Leo Ocean started out with a bang, a double penetration in his first staxus scene and not only that a DP with two pretty large cocks =D It's fun to see Jace back in action, he's a great top =)

biggerthebetter, 12/March/2015

Staxus at its best - again! :-)) Three super hot, big-dicked guys, and really horny and hungry to enjoy their encounter. Great stuff!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/March/2015

Welcome, Leo ! And congratulations for your first scene on Staxus. You were great ! You are great, I must say. First scene on Staxus and with a DP... Well, you're a brave guy ;) . What I most appreciated was your appetite for Jace and Roman... you were hungry for them ;), and hungry for the moment of sex. And that's your appetite (well, I saw the same on Jace and Roman, but specially on Jace) that made so hot this scene. As said here on Staxus several times...when there is emotion or passion, but specially chemistry and appetite, everything goes so easily and so sexy... Great scene, guys. And congratulations again Leo !

Vaclav, 12/March/2015

three beatifull guys , three beautifull cocks , i love them!

bdem16, 13/March/2015

Please more of Leo Ocean he is fantastic - hope maybe his dream will come true :)

Olli, 14/March/2015

I agree with the other members about Leo, it takes someone special to come in and take a DP in his first scene especially when it involves Jace and Roman. I get the feeling Leo could be the new Aaron Aurora.

Funtime, 14/March/2015

VERY HOT THREESOME, and with double penetration - WOW!!!

John, 15/March/2015

love these three in bed anytime...

chinghaoyu, 29/March/2015

Leo is so hot and when he puts his legs over his head to reveal the part he needs dealing with then you know you are in for a good time.But one is not enough for him and soon two cocks are invading him.But even that is not enough as he needs to feed on the cream of life.Wow!!!

simonxxx, 30/March/2015

my best video ever. that damn jace reed when he fucks that leo ocean and roamn smid is like, looking on...

chinghaoyu, 12/April/2015

Great scene, and Staxus I think you should work very very hard at making Leo's dream of being a bottom sex toy in an orgy come true !

TheDoc, 15/April/2015

Great cumshots from all three lads. There seemed to be quite a few glances over to, presumably, the director, which I thought was a drag on the momentum of the scene. I can't deny I was very aroused, though. There is something about Roman that is difficult to put into words. He has a disarming shyness about him that works incredibly well. And his body is so natural - I'm not a big fan of the overly honed body, so for me he's perfect. In this scene, as with all the scenes I have watched featuring Roman, my eyes are drawn to him, even in the sections where he is taking a comparative back seat. You have found something unusually special here in a crop of fabulous models, and my only concern is that I notice he isn't an exclusive. Thank you, Roman, just for existing! xxx

Aino Wave, 05/June/2015

This file cannot be downloaded.

BJ, 04/August/2015

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