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Off-Piste Flip-Flop Fuck Leaves These Two Twinks Fully Creamed! (Snow Balls Scene 1) HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 143)
Added: 14/March/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


Young Noah Matous has been busy polishing his snowboard all morning – but his buddy, Erik Franke, clearly wants him to polish other (more intimate) things. As a result, Franke grabs hold of the lad’s hand and thrusts it into his pants – which, let’s face it, is a brazenly open invitation in anyone’s language. It’s at this point, of course, that Matous could quite easily respond by giving the rather presumptuous twink a punch in the mouth. Instead, the boy clearly realises that Franke’s mouth could be put to much better use; and within a few minutes he’s stripped right down and allowing his mate to orally pleasure him (like only a horny cock-lover can).

No thought of taking that board anywhere now – the attention of both boys is now very firmly centred on each other’s crotches, as they begin to take turns to suck and slurp like new-borns before positioning themselves in 69-position. Just watching these two beauties in action as they feast on all that hard flesh is more than enough to get any fan of gay porn into quite a lather, that’s for sure; but the intensity of this pairing only intensifies yet further when they each take it in turns to fuck the other.

First Franke gets his fair share of Matous’s butt-picker, riding it cowboy style like the pro he already is; then Matous lies on his side and allows his mate to pound him from behind, then again on his back. It’s a display that could almost warrant an award; and that’s before both lads have sealed the deal with energetic climaxes, most notably Franke over Matous’s face! All in all, a first-class routine in every way!

** SNOW BALLS, Scene 1 **

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5/5 as this was absolute heaven for me. These are 2 of my top 5 models and they were amazing together. I loved everything that I saw from these two with the only negative being the camera cutting away at 23:04. I think Noah is a possible candidate for a gangbang/bukkake/snowballing scene. Here's hoping.

Funtime, 14/March/2015

From his first video, we could have thought that the newie would be only a total passive bottom. Here, we realize with pleasure that he can also fuck Erik Franke very nicely as well as taking good raw pounding in his ass. Nice ! PS : the good view of Erik's open hole at 12:11 and the rimming are super hot !

Christian, 14/March/2015

Wonderful Boys, beautiful action, filming at its best, thankyou Staxus Team xxxxx :-)

neville, 14/March/2015

Two darling boys. I loved watching Noah fuck Erik. This was an awesome scene. Some foot play would have been nice... ❤dr

dr24, 14/March/2015

Par cette immense réalisation, STAXUS conclut en apothéose une semaine exceptionnelle au cours de laquelle toute la concurrence a été laminée. J'étais impatient de voir la diffusion de ce clip qui a très largement répondu à toutes mes attentes. Ce duo de petits anges a été magique. Erik ( le minet le plus mignon) et Noah (le minet le plus espiègle) ont été époustouflants. Je me réjouis aussi qu'ils aient reçu tous deux un contrat d'exclusivité : ce qui est très prometteur pour l'avenir. John SMITH et toute son équipe sont-une fois de plus- à féliciter ce jour.

Pascaloux, 14/March/2015

<p>Perfect dream of romantic love and hot sex :-) Great flip-flop of two gorgeous sweeties (even though Erik seems to be happier when topping). Noah proves also in his second episode, in both top and bottom roles, that is was the right decision to sign him up as an exclusive! </p><p>Oh, and please, make him keep this wonderful hairstyle... don't need one more of those pseudo hip under- or side cuts, please. </p>

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 15/March/2015

Hot .

trjohnson147, 15/March/2015

I loved the completely natural and un contrived flop flop in this movie. Delicious fucking from both hard-cocked boys.

Jasyn19, 15/March/2015

Noah is for sure one of the best (maybe the best) models found by Staxus in 2015. It's so easy to speak or to write about him. He's new at porn and yet already an amazing performer. Even so, I must say that I'm still in "love" with his first scene, the one made with Jace Reed. This one with Erick is not so hot and spicy as the first one he did. But even so a pleasure to watch it, even though I dislike the first position...a bit unconfortable for Erick.

Vaclav, 17/March/2015

Thought Noah would be a better performer. He looks hot for sure, but something is odd about him. Well maybe he gets better. And that smile is a bit to much for me. It looks unnatural. Reminds me on some crazy guy^^

secondsky, 19/March/2015

Ok after having a look at both scenes of Noah for at least 5 times each, I think he his good, really. Maybe that smile irritated me ;-)

secondsky, 21/March/2015

These are holy Creatures. Today, the male Youth is delicious: little Boys sweet, cute, educated, and above all more and more oriented to Homosexuality. It must be said, moreover, that homosexual Love is more spiritual, closer to God, because it's Dedication and Manifestation of God's creative Potency.

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

most noble also the copious Sperm (real white Gold) of these two little Boys, two Angels.

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

the Cumshot of Erik is to Scream.

Paolo Monaco, 16/March/2017

When Erik sits atop Noah and Noah's balls are drawn-up inside, it's all cock! I think both young men are Dolls.

Mark, 07/February/2018

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