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Blond Brit Takes On A Spit-Roasting, Daisy-Chain Fuck Fantasy! (Twink Hotel - Scene 2) HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 61)
Added: 16/March/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 51 seconds
Comments: 25


Come on, guys, let’s be perfectly honest now – who could possibly for one single moment suggest that finding yourself pinned in bed between Florian Mraz and Victor Diamond wasn’t quite simply a dream-come-true? No fucking wonder that young Brit, Leo Ocean, is literally like a rabbit-in-headlights at the start of this magnificent threesome; though to his credit he manfully takes everything that these two beauties throw in his direction. Beginning with Mraz, who very quickly works his fingers, then his dick, into the youngster’s pucker; whilst Diamond completes the spit-roasting by jamming his oversized ramrod down the young lad’s throat.

It all happens incredibly quickly, and under the circumstances it’s perhaps no surprise that Ocean isn’t the only one left with a yearning for dick. But this time it isn’t Mraz – who we’ve all seen given a good pounding in the past. No, the next thing we see it’s Diamond who’s taking cock like a bitch, plonking himself down on the handsome Czech boy’s butt-picker and riding it raw for all that he’s worth; whilst Ocean takes full advantage of the situation by slurping on the Italian’s resultant hard-on. Don’t think the young Brit’s finished yet, though.

Having previously taken everything that Mraz could offer, it’s time for him to get his arse stretched to the max by Diamond, who’s still being pummelled from behind by the guy from Prague. Cue the nad-draining sight of a daisy-chain fuck-line, which only concludes when Mraz and Diamond decide to call it quits by dumping their much-needed wads of spunk all over Ocean’s face!

** TWINK HOTEL, Scene 2 **

Member comments: add comment

Yeah, nice fantasy... I wouldn't mind such an episode interrupting my hotel breakfast either ;) Only next time Leo should consider wearing goggles :P

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 16/March/2015

Leo and Florian are wonderful..especially Leo shows passion and emotions; but forget about Victor. Doesn`t show any interaction,just goes trough the minutes..probably he only fucks for dollars..Luckily it`s the last scene with him, but please more of Leo and the rest:-)

Chris, 16/March/2015

Victor is dreadful again. I still dont understand why you bought him back again if he was so bad the first time.... but hey !! I just love his face in some of the photos "Hey Im fucking bored, wheres my pay check" The other two try to make the best of the scene and do a good job of it. Again, the director should be making sure a model at least shows he is interested in the scene (or kick his arse out the door !)

Joel K, 16/March/2015

@Joel K - We usually shoot one or even multiple series / movies in a few days time. Sometimes, scenes that are being released weeks apart have actually been filmed in a 2 day period. <br><br> @Chris I believe there's one more unreleased scene with Victor

Staxus - Dennis, 16/March/2015

staxus:Ok, one more clip and never again with Victor?!..thats ok then:-) Have one question to the staxus team: I have a very special boy I extremely like from his look and behavior..find him extremely cute..:Ryan Olsen..unfortunately the last clip with him is about 2 month or so ago. Is he involved in new sex scenes in the future and are there more videos coming with him? Thanks a lot..

Chris, 16/March/2015

@Dennis, thank you for your reply, however looking at your blog, it appears Victor shot some recent scenes for a DVD called Black Piste, which is well after his first scenes. So your reply doesnt make much sense? Hes clearly not shot all his scenes in the same period. He's one of the worst models Ive seen in a long long time.

Joel K, 16/March/2015

@Chris There are no unreleased Ryan Olsen scenes atm, but I am pretty sure he will be back. <br><br> @Joel K - True. His first three scenes (which have all been released now) have been shot in the same period. The unreleased scene is from the Black Piste movie indeed.

Staxus - Dennis, 16/March/2015

We are a strange lot with our opinions. Overall a delicious movie with some faults. I find Victor Diamond exquisite. No one can deny that the shot of him at 03:35 he is perfectly exquisite. His overall performance is not, much like others will have us believe, dull and uninterested. Quite apart from his energetic ham-in-the-middle performance he initiated kissing at one point when Florian seemed withdrawn and merely going through the motions. If anyone's performance lacked oomph perhaps it was Florian's. I really can't get excited by the blond Brit who is untanned and very very bony. I cannot fathom why the editors left in the zitty shot of his chin at 20:13 when it could easily have been cut out. It did nothing for the movie, nothing for Leo, and was off-putting. He couldn't help the zits but there's no need to show them, is there? How did he feel about that? The actual movie making left quite a lot to be desired - OK, so you have a motor-driven camera slider. Is it really necessary to use it sliding left, right, left, right, left, right from 02:08 onwards? Was it necessary to use it at all? It's best used to peer around a corner to reveal something new, and all it did (seems to do all the time) is just slide left and right cos, why? It can. Focus occasionally drifts out badly at times, and Leo's money shot was successfully masked by being filmed from the left with his left hand masking his cock and what was happening. I mean. You've dragged him all the way from England, don't hide his very nice cock at the point of using his peachy dick to shoot his delicious cream. I certainly agreed that Victor Diamond was uninterested in the previous movie (2 March) but I cannot agree that he was a bored bystander in this one. I know I shall treasure this movie - not in spite of him, but because of him and perhaps, only because of him.

Jasyn19, 16/March/2015

I really liked the daisy chain and the models energy level during it, other than that I think that the scene lacked real lust and passion.

biggerthebetter, 16/March/2015

Décidément, Victor n'est pas motivé mais alors pas du tout pour faire du porno gay. Il s'y ennuie royalement mais plus grave encore, il ennuie par la même occasion une partie de le clientèle. Si John SMITH est le meilleur réalisateur qu'il m'ait été permis de voir en 33 ans de porno gay, il n'est pas assez strict avec les modèles qui sont gays pour de l'argent. Il devrait exiger que ce type d' acteurs fassent un minimum d'efforts pour paraître motivés et donc crédibles. Cela doit être possible parce BELAMI y parvient très bien. Pour le reste, l'adorable petit Léo et le très séduisant Florian ont livré une prestation convaincante.

Pascaloux, 16/March/2015

@staxus:By the way I really have to say that boring and passionless scenes like some with Victor can happen.It`s not your fault, and compliments that you show reactions and quit working with models that do not fit into the hole team!Your staxus gaysite is for me one of the best and horniest that exist and that are not quite many (maybe besides Bel Ami):-).Enjoy my yearly membership day by day and nearly all of your models are sexy, motivated and you feel that they like having sometimes horny + dirty gaysex! Great compliments to prague and hold on with adornable + wonderful shots!Chris

Chris, 16/March/2015

As a staxus movie maker, i really would feel sad and distressed if I'd so seriously had to so seriously take into account the violence of the critics put here by always the same members ! Victor may not indeed have been the best convinced model, however he is cute and today he performed OK. Florian is super hot, the other guy just average. If all the scenes would be 120/100, it would probably be boring as well and we must leave some good margin of tolerance, this is just gay porn, and fun ! Take care all.

Christian, 16/March/2015

@Pascaloux, I dont think Victor is gay-4-pay, I think he is actually gay which makes it even worse that he is so bad. @Christian, if you publish crap then expect people to comment that its crap. A good director makes great porn, he doesnt deliver rubbish and allow it to be published.

Joel K, 16/March/2015

<p>Hi guys!</p> <p>Once again, many thanks for your comments. We always welcome both good & bad (but constructive!) feedback as it's the only thing that helps us understand what you like and dislike and it also shows people that aren't yet members what our members think of our content and provides them with a more honest inside of what Staxus really is.</p> <p>As Dennis mentioned above, sometimes we shoot many scenes with a model during a short timeframe and then those scenes get released slowly over weeks.</p> <p>Of course we could follow general feedback and stop releasing them but that would mean less updates on the site itself and that wouldn't make other members happy either.</p> <p>With his lack of passion and all, Victor is still a model liked by many (given his model rating), even if they are not that active commenting here.</p> <p>Once again we thank you very much for all your loyalty and we hope you've enjoyed March so far and that you will continue to love Staxus for years to come!</p>

Staxus - Andy, 17/March/2015

Joel K, Le 02 mars dernier, vous vous êtes permis de me dire que j'avais été impoli pour avoir écrit que les gays pour de l'argent qui faisaient parallèlement du porno hétéro constituaient un handicap et non un atout pour le site. Au vu de votre dernier commentaire sur le travail pourtant excellent du réalisateur de STAXUS, vous me donnez l'occasion de vous dire qu'en matière de politesse, vous n'avez de leçon à donner à personne. Les termes de votre dernier commentaire sont tout simplement irrespectueux et grossiers. Vous seriez d'ailleurs bien inspiré de vous excuser.

Pascaloux, 17/March/2015

@Pascaloux, if someones work is excellent then I will make positive comments about it, if their work is bad then they should expect bad comments. The scenes with Victor are very weak, the one with Mike James is truly awful and the comments on the scene reflect it. That is not what I call "excellent directing". An excellent director doesnt produce nad scenes like that. Its very easy to blame Victor but an excellent director should be able to tell when a model is performing badly and correct it. Whoever directed the Victor scenes is not an "excellent" director.

Joel K, 17/March/2015

I agree with the comments about Victor but in terms of Leo, although he is not as toned as some of the other models, he is still very beautiful and so what if he is a bit on the pale side, he doesn't have any control over how often the sun shines where he lives. On a little side note, I hope Leo can still see out of both eyes after Florian's cumblast.

Funtime, 18/March/2015

Leo is the ideal twink: cute young looking face & still just a trace of "baby fat". Super cute!!! He would go from super cute to super hot if he tones & firms that sweet smooth body, though!!! More Leo, PLEASE!!!

mwhisky, 21/March/2015

Leo is a real beauty. It must have been a real pleasure to rim and fuck his super cute asshole. Fantastic!

Ryan, 17/February/2016

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