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Noah Matous Gets DP’d By Big-Dicked Pals, Home-Movie Style! (My First POV Scene #4) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 107)
Added: 01/April/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


Is it ever a good idea to put the camera into the hands of the models? Well, we’ll let you decide the answer to that question; but the action here is a little more “traditional” than you might expect from a POV scene, save for the fact that the models in question – Gabriel Angel, Noah Matous and Jace Reed – take it in turns to hold a hands-held camera, whilst another camera operates from the end of their bed. As a result, all three guys appear fully in-vision through the course of the scene – a fact that surely won’t go unnoticed by those who like to see their models “in full”.

And that, of course, is excellent news given that there’s really not a part of any of these three beauties that the gay porn fan would want to miss. Be it Matous’s seemingly-innocent smile, the rebellious twinkle in Angel’s Gallic eye, or (to put it bluntly) Reed’s fucking huge cock, we get to see everything there is to see of these three stunners – and who could possibly complain about that? Of course, it probably doesn’t even need to be said that it’s Reed’s oversized organ that serves as the central feature of the whole performance; although the said dick is only half of the requirement for the scene’s centrepiece, namely Matous’s double-shafting.

By that point, however, there’s every good chance that you will have fallen head-over-heels in lust with the entire trio – and for every good reason. All three of these lads are utterly divine in their own individual way; and the fantastic gooey spews that all produce in turn will only underline that belief. In short, a total must-must-see!

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why dont they fuck balls deep? ;(

fozz, 01/April/2015

I very much like Gabriel; the french guy..but for my opinion the bottom position is more likely for him... Nice two dicks in Noah`s ass scene..4,5 of 5 points :-)

Chris, 01/April/2015

Wow, all great looking guys but Noah steals my heart. What a great look with his hair styled. He looked so masculine, I didn't think that would be possible. The only thing that could be added would be a bit of foot fetish. Lusting for lots more Noah ❤❤❤❤❤dr

dr24, 01/April/2015

This is hot... the best all pubic hair shaved - this is sexy- love it

megatits, 01/April/2015

Ce mois d'avril débute de façon optimale par la diffusion d'un nouveau clip exceptionnel qui ne mérite pas cinq mais plutôt une multitude d'étoiles. Gabriel (un compatriote) a été très bon ainsi que Jace REED. Mais le centre de gravité de cette superbe vidéo est le petit ange de Noah qui est adorable et très coquin. Je souhaite le voir en piste sur le site le plus souvent possible sans jamais pouvoir m'en lasser. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 01/April/2015

Great again. I loved the way Jace and Gabriel got into a bit of a rhythm when they were both inside Noah at the same time, taking it in turns to push in. @megatits, I agree about the shaved pubes.

Funtime, 01/April/2015

Jace is the Number One star for all the right reasons. My Favourite is Noah. I would love to see Noah in a fisting and pissing session with Yuri ? This threesome is surely worth five stars .xxxxx :-)

Neville, 01/April/2015

Noahs eyebrows look awful. He looks better when his hair covers them. Funtime called him 'angel and devil', I think he just loves to be a bottom slut. My feeling tells me that he is totally into getting his hole opened up not only in porn but also in his private life. I think we need some really big black cocks for little Noah. Or even some nasty fisting.

secondsky, 01/April/2015

Not a real pov scene, i know, but a very interesting scene. Noah is a perfect bottom, no doubt about it. But, in my opinion, his first scene with Jace is, so far, his best one. His first scene for Staxus showed us the amazing bottom he can be. In this 3some, i loved seeing his butt hole being licked by Gabriel and Jace....and right away being penetrated by Jace. Oh...and would love to see Noah on a doggy-style position in this scene lol with Jace and then Gabriel and Jace again and Gabriel again lol lol.. But Noah has again my vote for the best model for the beginning of 2015

Vaclav, 02/April/2015

Wow, what a great threesome scene! I admit being a big DP fan... and here we even get two of them in a row (where personally I find the second one offering more exciting views and perspectives). Noah, whom I indeed called "half angel, half devil", really looks quite different with this hairstyle (the previous one contributed a lot to his "barely legal" appearance then), but I find it at least equally attractive. Jace and Gabriel are two hot and well-hung tops matching perfectly. Great stuff, and after a while, a new member of my favorite scenes. 5/5! :-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 02/April/2015

@NymphoManiac_Funseeker Sorry had someone with Fun in its name in mind...Yeah you called him like that initially. Still he may look like an angel, but someone who can take two cocks like that and enjoys it is more devil to me :-p

secondsky, 06/April/2015

This is hot!As soon as Noah puts his legs in the air you see the open hole even before it has been worked on and you know that visitors are very welcome there

Simonxxx, 13/April/2015

More Gabriel Angel please!

Robby, 08/August/2015

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