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Horny Newbie Gets His Arse Pounded By Two Studio Favourites! (Cum With Me Scene #1) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 60)
Added: 07/May/2015
Duration: 22 minutes, 43 seconds
Comments: 25


Talk about winning the lottery with your very first ticket – it’s new boy Ryan Torres’s first ever scene for STAXUS and here he is teamed up with the truly terrific pairing of blond demi-god, Carl Ross, and studio exclusive, Pyotr Tomek! What more could a young, horny newbie possibly wish for? What’s more, our two regulars are very clearly in the mood for a little playfulness; positioning themselves on either side of their new buddy and squirting chocolate sauce all over his torso, which they promptly lick up with their tongues.

It’s a deliciously gorgeous bit of fun, but it’s never, ever going to be enough for any of these horned-up mates; and soon all three are positioned in a dick-munching triangle, feasting away on every hard, uncut inch that’s now on offer. Then attention finally begins to turn to the main focal point of this jizz-inducing escapade, with Ross rimming Torres’s ass-hole, before finally plunging his thick, aching schlong deep into the fellow’s pucker! Cue a fantastic display of twink-on-twink rutting, made all the more intense by the fact that Tomek positions his face just barely millimetres from the action so that he can intermittently slurp on Ross’ cock!

After which the lads switch roles so that Torres can bounce up and down on Tomek’s love-stick; before Ross returns to hammer the youngster’s rump, whilst Tomek slurps away on Torres’s knob. It’s more than enough to get even the most hardened porn-viewer to a sticky climax; but the sight of Torres getting his face jizzed by both his mates will make that conclusion a fucking certainty!

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This is such a hot scene! Just thanks boys! No more to say!

hetloo, 07/May/2015

I LOVED that video! Ryan is great, Pyotr as well and all guys did a great job! Especially the cummy ending was a great pleasure - the more cum, the better!

Andi, 07/May/2015

Best porn..can`t be hornier+better wonderful new cute boy Ryan.The total clip is passion and emotions pure..I directly got a hard on when the vid began these three lads lying on the bed in their jockstraps and playing together:-) 5+ stars

Chris, 07/May/2015

Surely another great so sexy video ! All guys are well into it : Carl Ross loved rimming new comer Ryan's nice gaping hole and Pyotr is always dynamic and imaginative ! Ryan liked to eat and smell juicy cummy dicks at the end. Lovel y

Christian, 07/May/2015

Just a small repeting request : it is always appreciable to find the usual basic stats / biographical details of the models on their page : newies Ryan Torres and Edward have nothing ?....

Christian, 07/May/2015

Apologies, Christian - I shall get the necessary info about the models and get it uploaded onto the system for you!

Staxus Chris, 07/May/2015

Great Cum ending but the rest of it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Enjoyed seeing Pyotr though.

Funtime, 07/May/2015

Hi guys! Just posted the remaining May schedule here: </br></br> <a href="">Staxus May Schedule - Click here</a> </br></br> Sorry for the delay, hope you'll love May's updates!

Staxus - Andy, 07/May/2015

@staxus/, the schedule looks very amazing.I´m really lookin forward to seeing the videos.what is very surprising and wonderful for me.Dick Casey is back ! after some month of absence..Great

Chris, 07/May/2015

Thaaaanks for kind answer // model bios !! => + May schedule looks great !

Christian, 07/May/2015

OMG what a scene =) The absolute best part was watching Carl going back and forth between Ryan's ass and Pyotr's mouth with his cock, not only that Pyotr also licking Carl's cock when it was going in and out of Ryan's hole =D The blowjob daisy chain was superb. Ryan has a really nice ass, I'm looking forward to see him fucked again =) 5/5!

biggerthebetter, 07/May/2015

such a hot scene! enjoyed it so much!

marko, 07/May/2015

Je viens d'octroyer la note de 5/5 à cette scène particulièrement chaude et parfaitement réalisée. Ryan( le petit nouveau) me plait beaucoup. Je viens de prendre connaissance du calendrier de mai et les scènes qui seront publiées les 11et17 mai me laissent assez sceptique. J'attends néanmoins leur diffusion pour émettre un avis objectif.

Pascaloux, 07/May/2015

Andy, looks amazing! Just can't wait to see them!

hetloo, 07/May/2015

Guys, Great Scene, thanks! Love the cum. Can we have more cum in the face - lots of cum dripping all over cute twink faces and their hair too - always turns me on big time.

London81, 08/May/2015

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