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Dirty Blond Gets Blindfolded, Rimmed & Spit-Roasted By Mates! (Cum with me Scene #2) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 74)
Added: 09/May/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


Edward Fox and Troy Vara are clearly in the mood for a little bit of kinky fun with their sleepy fuck-buddy, Tom Nutt – bounding onto his bed, blindfolding the fellow and playing that age-old game of “guess whose cock you’re sucking”! Any pretence of disinterest on Nutt’s part, however, is undermined by the fact that the young blond has a hard-on in his pants like a fucking tent. Indeed, both Fox and Vara seem to understand that their pal is well up for action; and it’s no more than a minute or two before Nutt has removed the blindfold and is very eagerly devouring every meaty, uncut inch that his mates are able to thrust in his direction!

What’s more, it doesn’t seem to take all that long before the fellow has positioned himself on the bed with his legs almost wrapped behind his ears, so that Fox and Vara can take turns to rim his gaping ass-hole. Clearly this is a boy with a whole lot of sex on his mind; and it seems to come as almost something of a relief when Vara finally plunges his joystick into the fellow’s hungry pucker, still jutting proudly into the air in a very open invitation to his over-sexed pals.

No question about it, Vara takes full advantage, mercilessly pummelling the kid’s man-cunt to full effect; whilst Fox takes a somewhat more gentile approach, allowing Nutt to ride his dick cowboy-style – a method that Vara himself replicates shortly afterwards. Not that Nutt seems the kind of boy to care how he’s being fucked – so long as he is! – and the copious stream of jizz that he takes full-on in the face only underlines his total-slut credentials!

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Edward, Troy and are such hot and cute twinks! My oh my, I love to see them suck and given the state of their balls they love it! Just great!!!

hetloo, 09/May/2015

So happy to see again Tom, he is probably one of the most sexy guy in gay fils, so cute, great body and good actor. Would be great to see him with all your new guys, and why not also with great ones like Tim Law and so on.. Thanks Tom.

LOLOPISS, 09/May/2015

" gay films ", sorry

LOLOPISS, 09/May/2015

Great to see Tom back on our screens,he has been away for far too long, I hope this the first in many more scenes featuring Tom who in my opinion is a staxus legend. He can show all the newbie bottom sluts how to really take a cock.

Dee Pee Zee, 09/May/2015

I just forgot to mention Tom, so I add him here.He is just a great, cute and adoreble guy. Would love to see his scene with Jack Cameron again in HD. Just can't download it.

hetloo, 09/May/2015

Great triple..mhh Edward is so handsome and it`s so nice to see Tom back after 1 year of absence..I think all 3 three gays are gay or at least bisexual because a straight one couldn`t act with such emotions and feelings...I especially like at the beginning of the video that both, Tom and Edward have a boner yet thats jumps out of their horny!

Chris, 09/May/2015

I hit the 4 star button by mistake, but this is 5+++++ =) The reverse piledriver was epic, Troy pounding Tom, Tom stroking his cock, and Edward licking and taking Troy's cock in his mouth, seeing glimpses of Edward hard cock behind Tom's thigh, and they were all moaning like crazy =D The moans were really hot, I could have got turned on by just listening to the audio of the scene :P John Smith is a true master at directing the best porn scenes ever =)

biggerthebetter, 09/May/2015

Je viens d'octroyer sans l'ombre d'une hésitation la note de 5/5 à cette formidable scène. Je suis ravi de revoir Tom qui est toujours aussi sexy et Troy est un magnifique et très charismatique jeune homme. Quant à Edward, il est adorable et j'espère le voir très souvent en action sur le site. Bravo à toute l'équipe.

Pascaloux, 09/May/2015

Handsome horny guys, great moaning, some great arsehole shots, cum in the face (I love to see faces (and hair) all covered in cum ). Great wanking material. Thanks guys and the whole team!

London81, 09/May/2015

I'm so glad to see Tom Nutt back on Staxus... I think his last scene was with Orlando White more than a year ago. But the most important here is to see him as the centre of all attentions. And, in my opinion, he is the centre of all attentions. I wanna see Tom Nutt again ;)

Vaclav, 10/May/2015

...well, I was wrong about Tom's last scene here ;) . He made a 3some with cutie Louis Blakeson (it's a pity this cutie has stopped working) and Jaxon Radoc some months ago. Either way, I'm glad to see Tom the way i see here !

Vaclav, 10/May/2015

Edward was such a great bottom in last clip, now is a good top ! I think Troy has a super hot ass that is not enough rewarded : you should show it more to us in full glory or beeing fucked as well ! with a great cumpie maybe... Tom is still doing well, although here he does not seem to savour too much the final cum swallowings. Never mind !

Christian, 11/May/2015

Glad to see handsome, blond, blue-eyed, hung Tom again. please bring him back for MORE. I love lean guys with big cocks - and Tom certainly fills that description.

dennis, 22/May/2015

Great performance from all three guys. So nice to see NATURAL bodies. Tom's amazing bottoming was a real treat. Troy and Edward really are beautiful. Loved Edward in this and his scene with Roman Smid (phwoahhh!!), and was so sorry to seem him subject himself to the latest scene with Alejandro, which for me was a mistake. Can't wait to see how Edward develops.

Aino Wave, 08/June/2015

Tom still steals the show. Experience and talent I guess.

Spineur, 09/June/2015

More Tom, would love to see him with some stars from the late 2000's.

iluvboto, 06/August/2015

Tom has such a beautiful hole. Everyone wants to rim it! Yum!Yum!

Ryan, 29/March/2016

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