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Sofa Chat & Craft Play Lead To A Hard Session Of Dick & Ass Fun! (Shoot This! Scene #2) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 54)
Added: 27/May/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 40 seconds
Comments: 25


Sitting on the sofa with your guests is a regular feature of many TV chat shows around the world, but chances are that you won’t have seen many productions like the one featured here! Indeed, feel free to write in and tell us if you’ve ever seen a show where the compère informs the viewers that the stars will shortly be having sex – it is, after all, an unusual means of achieving ratings. Then again, when the highlight of the interview is a demonstration of traditional springtime Czech craft-making, is it any wonder that sex between the guests – in this instance Roman Smid and STAXUS exclusive, Edward Fox – is so fucking appealing?

Silliness over, then, and it’s time for the two horned-up beauties to get down to the serious business of entertaining you bunch of cock-mad fuckers – and believe us they don’t let the audience down, as they promptly engage in a heated session of mutual cock-sucking. That, of course, soon leads to Smid taking a very keen interest in Fox’s fuck-hole, which he tongues and fingers in eager anticipation of the hard session of anal action that he’s clearly now got planned!

Indeed, it’s no time at all before the fellow is burying his thick, meaty dick right where it’s wanted to go ever since the start of the scene – and boy, does Fox groan with delight or what? In fact, the lad is quite literally purring like a pussy as his innards are stretched to busting; and it’s little surprise that he’s soon squirting a healthy bolt of boy-goo in response. Finally, with Smid signing off with a customary rupture of his own, both lads are left spent and content!

Member comments: add comment

The more I see of Roman, the more I like.! Edward Fox is a keeper for sure, a twink with a full bush down below is a rare find indeed. Well done & thanks.

bodoman666, 27/May/2015

I feel exactly the same! The more I see of Roman, the more i like him! He seems to be the shy type, but that´s a very welcome distraction from the other more cocky boys. Please more of Roman!

Andi, 27/May/2015

Great clip, two beautiful models (not counting Jace Reed as initial presenter - are we going to see him as active participant in a scene from this series soon, too, by the way?) and great action. I wasn't too much of a fan of Roman Smid in previous clips either, but I join in the choir above to say I appreciate him more and more lately. Also I don't mind some moderate pubic hair at all, but a guy in the bottom role (like Edward here) should IMHO be shaved at least around his hole, since not too many enjoy finding a bunch of hair in their mouth when rimming ;-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 27/May/2015

Jace Reed should have joined the sexy action part this horny czech guy so much:-) Roman + Edward are so lovely..maybe Edward should shave a little of the pubic hair and short it , but as we see there are many fans of`s just a matter of taste, so I give 4,5 points of 5

Chris, 27/May/2015

i give 5 points to Eddy and 5 points to Roman, such a hot scene!!

marko, 27/May/2015

Brilliant performance by both Boys ! Roman is my pin up Boy and I loved his action cock at the end ! Edward is one of my Favourites and I loved him jerking off of Roman !

Neville, 27/May/2015

Je crois que les autres membres ont parfaitement décrit cette exceptionnelle vidéo pour laquelle j'octroie sans l'ombre d'une hésitation la note de 5/5. Je préférerais également que Edward soit rasé , il en serait encore plus sexy. Bravo.

Pascaloux, 28/May/2015

Great chemistry between these two guys. Enjoyed the gentle whipping and Edward's natural pubic hairiness. If someone had gone inside my head to find the ingredients to make my ideal guy, they couldn't have come up with someone as perfect as Roman. Oh, those eyes with the beautiful long lashes! How does someone manage to pound away like that and yet look so generous and selfless?? I think I'm in love! ROMAN, YOU ARE UTTER PERFECTION!! XXX

Aino Wave, 03/June/2015

I just missed this clip! It's awesome! Roman and Edward are hot and so cute!

hetloo, 21/June/2015

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