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Sam Williams Gets Used Like A Fuck Rag By His Horny Buddies! (Cum with me Scene #4) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 66)
Added: 31/May/2015
Duration: 36 minutes, 2 seconds
Comments: 25


Given his reputation as a top, it might surprise you somewhat to discover that it was Sam Williams who initiated this scene in the mind of director, John Smith – a multi-guy fuck-fest in which the fellow gets fucked by pretty much everyone! Not wanting to throw the dark-haired stud in at the deep end, however, Smith made the rather sensible decision to split the performance into two halves – one featuring Ryan Torres and Roman Smid, two young labourers who seem to take exception to Williams’ errant ways, the other adding Jace Reed and Lukas Leung into the mix. As a result, it’s probably best to pace yourself when appreciating what turns out to be a truly top-notch escapade; though given how horny our fans are there’s undoubtedly every expectation that your appreciation may not be limited to just one creamy eruption!

However, it’ll be a hardened fan who can hold back when seeing Williams getting spit-roasted by Smid and Torres – the stud writhing on all that hard, uncut cock in much the same manner as so many young twinks have gasped and groaned on his own dick in the past! But perhaps not surprisingly, the atmosphere in the room goes stratospheric once the trio has spawned into a no-holds-barred five-some; with Reed’s mammoth member proving a definite draw for Williams, who by this point seems to have quite literally transformed himself into a newly discovered cock-bitch! Suffice it to say that it’s not long before the quartet of horned-up buddies are creaming Williams’ face; leaving the bottom to jerk off as they fight to lick the spunk from his lips!

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I have some mixed feelings about this clip. Lovely chaps, but not horny, just mechanicly. Good be sexier.

hetloo, 31/May/2015

Great scene but a little overlong and consequently lacking passion. ROMAN IS BEAUTIFUL!!

Aino Wave, 31/May/2015

oh my, this was fucking fantastic! lots of hot guys, a bukakke and lots of cum eating. Before I had said that Lukas Leung seems a bit old for staxus but he fit right in with alll the other guys. The whole sceanrio was super hot and the models superb =D I noticed that Ryan seemed a bit bit unaccustomed to ass to mouth and the whole scenario of a lot of guys having sex at the whole time, but he was a trooper and seems to be a fast learner =D This scene ended may a "bang" litteraly. very, very nice work =D

biggerthebetter, 31/May/2015

I really enjoyed this one. The only thing that could have made it hotter is if all the guys edged their load in his face and started cumming at the same time. That would have been really hot to watch. But great all round and great to see Sam becoming more versatile too. He really got into the cum tasting after the first shot! lol

Tommy, 31/May/2015

@staxus: Could you please fill in the profile with all its dates about Lukas..would like to know how old he is etc...very very nice vid with 5 horny guys besides :-)

Chris, 31/May/2015

Cette scène est formidable du début à la fin et le manque de passion évoqué par certains membres ne m'a pas paru évident. J'aimerais beaucoup voir à l'avenir un clip similaire avec Noah comme centre d'attraction entouré par quatre autres petits minets ( Erik, Yuri, Richie HAJEC et Ray MANNIX par exemple ). Je suis convaincu à 100% que ce serait le clip de l'année. Je pars en voyage à l'étranger pendant deux semaines du 06 au 20 juin où je serai déconnecté de tout outil informatique. Je suis donc très impatient de voir le calendrier de juin avant mon départ pour découvrir ce qui m'attend à mon retour sur mon site préféré. A quelle date envisagez-vous de le publier. Remerciements anticipés.

Pascaloux, 31/May/2015

<p>Well, indeed a few indications of lacking passion/excitement. However, I still think it is one of the best, if not THE best, clips published so far this year on great script, models, action, camera - while orgies and gang bangs are always special anyway. How I"d have loved to be in sexy Sam Williams' place... with four hung studs to take care of, first to mention of course being Jace Reed. A new favorite for me and a clear 5/5. </p><p>The only thing I hated is the partially fake and artificial moaning; while part of the sound is apparently original, that awkward "synchronized choir of moans" is really annoying, whether it's been recorded during filming or post-production. Almost like the recorded fake laughter in U.S. sitcoms - a total turn-off. Please spare us that in the future. The action is hot enough not to need that. </p>

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 01/June/2015

That is the Best one at staxus. i super like sam williams and Ryan Torres. Can make more two guys movie? Can SM? Eat Cum?

SAMUEL, 01/June/2015

More Sam, less Noah!

Jay, 02/June/2015

Outstanding scene. Sam is my favourite model on the site - he's just so manly. And I love facial cum shots. So the sight of all the sperm all over Sam's face has emptied my balls. I hope he really enjoyed doing the scene. Thanks, guys! Er,perhaps i should promise to try not to wank too much over this superb scene.

London81, 02/June/2015

This was mechanical porn at its very best. Dull ! I agree with Nyphomaniac about the fake noises, it just ruins a scene totally and makes it even more mechanical. I read some of the comments about passion but I'm sure some of these guys commenting must be so old the last time they saw passion was in 1972 as there definetly wasnt ANY in this scene.

Joel K, 02/June/2015

OK, I confess I like all the moaning - it turns me on and gets me off. Watching a scene with the sound right down just doesn't do it for me.

London81, 05/June/2015

@chris - assuming Lukas started doing porn at 18, he was born around 1989. See his page at the Gay Erotic Video Archive. He's amazing!

fuckworthy, 09/June/2015

Exellent scene. Fantastic fucking action. Great end !!

Marco, 13/December/2017

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