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Baby-Faced Blond Enjoys A Hard, Cum-Up-The-Ass Workout! (Pump This! Scene #3) HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 83)
Added: 02/June/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


There are plenty of guys around who would think that muscle-dude Zack Hood – with guns and abs that almost defy reason! – is the sexiest buddy in porn today. Clearly that’s not a sentiment that new boy, Martin Muse, seems to share, however. Given the opportunity to cop off with the overworked Hood or the baby-faced Alex Silvers, the fellow makes a straight bee-line for the young Brit – and, to be fair, who the fuck can blame him? With his petite physique and a demeanour that could seriously make you wonder his legalities, Silvers is every inch the kind of twink that all too many of us would seriously die for.

Indeed, Muse is soon down on his knees to adore the one feature of the boy that isn’t undersized, namely his thick, meaty, uncut cock! From this point onwards, any suggestion that Silvers is an inexperienced novice is promptly dispelled. Having feasted on Muse’s ramrod in return, he’s quickly presenting his potentially greatest asset – excuse the pun! – to his buddy, parting his butt-cheeks so that Muse can first rim that tight little pucker of his, then shove his shaft inside right up to the balls!

It’s a move that’s gonna seriously delight pretty much every one of our fans for sure, and the gym-based fuck that follows will almost certainly bring the vast majority to the point of no return. A sentiment that soon engulfs both our horny beauties here, with Muse quite literally cumming up Silvers’ arse; before the young pup himself unleashes a fine wad of cream all over the floor. Definitely the kind of advertisement that every gay gym should be using!

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Wow, new british guy Alex is a real eye-catcher..very boyish attitude and look..perfectly at the end when Martin Muse jerks off in the ass of Alex..thern with alittle fart all creamy load runs slowly out of the asshole..again fantastic staxus!more of Alex please in the future..

Chris, 02/June/2015

Hope we get to see more of cute Alex!!

Dee Pee Zee, 02/June/2015

Very nice .!!! Both Alex & Martin did it for me, got to admire also how Zack is holding up! Well done.

bodoman666, 02/June/2015

Fantastic bit of boy breeding at the end, Alex is no doubt superb, hot little puppy and he takes that load in his hole beautifully

jump8r, 02/June/2015

great to see some breeding going on, fantastic vid. a great standard

pinpot, 02/June/2015

Really cool setting, not a bad scene but to me not anything magic either. Alex is a cute guy, but to me that make-up was way overboard especially around the eyes, femine shaped super tweezed eye brows, fake lashes and/or tons of mascara, I would really enjoy seing him looking more masculine eg. less heavy make-up, perhaps a more masculine haircut, even some facial hair would be nice. Well that's just my opinion, we all like very different things...

biggerthebetter, 02/June/2015

Is there any preliminary date when we'll get to see the schedule for june? =)

biggerthebetter, 02/June/2015

Le moins que je puisse dire est que le mois de juin débute de façon optimale chez STAXUS. J'ai beaucoup aimé cette scène. Martin a beaucoup de charme et Alex est un adorable petit minet . Je conseillerai d'ailleurs à Alex de rester chez STAXUS plutôt que de tourner sur les sites britanniques qui sont loin d'être bons. D'autre part et comme biggerthebetter, je suis impatient de découvrir le calendrier du mois de juin. Partant du 06 au 20 juin effectuer le premier de mes trois voyages prévus cette année hors de France, j'apprécierais beaucoup que le calendrier soit dévoilé avant mon départ. Monsieur Andy, à quelle envisagez-vous de le publier ?

Pascaloux, 02/June/2015

C'mon Staxus post that schedule or old Frenchie here is going to have a very miserable holiday not knowing what he's coming back to wank over haha ! But hey @pascaloux I'm sure as you are the most important person here they'll rush release it just for you.

Joel K, 02/June/2015

Hot scene with cumming in the ass! Great!

hetloo, 03/June/2015

After an excellent clip to finish May (really a masterpiece in my view even if lacking some passion by some models), I'm not overwhelmed by this one. Alex is kind of cute on one hand, but as some members already mentioned, his facial makeup too female/girlish (plucked eye brows etc.), and I HATE that undercut/sidecut hairstyle... other than that, enjoyed the clip, still at least a 4/5* for me. --- Plus, after having been criticized at least by one member for asking for a bit of real bare sex, i.e. cream pie/internal cum shot, I was happy to read I am obviously by far not the only subscriber fanatic about breeding... I LOVE internal cumshots! Even if those could be still a bit more generously done... come on, Staxus, give us a scene with a flood-of-cum-dripping-from-hole finish inspired by rawstrokes or machofucker, for example, to mention just two examples on that particular fetish! ;-)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 03/June/2015

Hi guys! I will try to post an update schedule for June & July today!

Staxus - Andy, 03/June/2015

Breeding is wonderful..hope we get to watch more of those fantastic vids! this clip was already top! would like to watch vids where the active part eats the total load of jizz out of the hole and maybe puts his tongue deep into the ass not missing the taste of the hot fucked and creamy filled ass! really a clip for jerking off again and again

Chris, 03/June/2015

Fantastic video!! If I could give it 6 stars, I would!! Yowza...

Etienne, 03/June/2015

JoelK, Je constate avec la plus grande consternation ton retour sur le site alors que je croyais être débarrassé définitivement de ta suffocante présence. Tu avais annoncé le 20 mars dernier ton départ et ton intention de t'abonner sur des sites "premium". Manifestement, tu as changé d'avis et pour cause puisqu'il n'existe qu'un seul studio "premium" : STAXUS. Je constate aussi que tu n'as pas profité de ce laps de temps pour parfaire ton éducation et apprendre la politesse. Comme "le vieux français" n'a aucunement l'intention d'engager avec toi et à intervalles réguliers des querelles aussi inutiles que stériles et de polluer le site : il a décidé de ne plus commenter et de laisser aux dirigeants de STAXUS le soin d'apprécier ta haute littérature plutôt que la sienne.

Pascaloux, 03/June/2015

Ha ha I knew that would get old ya old French panties in a twist, I bet hes wizzing off now in his Citroen to come and get me !! And you decided not to comment... but yet you commented. I LOVE how you made a note of when I left the site in your diary ;) Must have been dreaming of me that made me come back hey !!

Joel K, 03/June/2015

Please keep comments relevant to the scene instead of arguing... thanks!

Staxus - Dennis, 03/June/2015

Alex Silvers is not new at Staxus, but I enjoy his performances of course. He worked first here with Michael Burling and Alex made at that time nice (very nice) scenes with Luke Desmond for instance. And, now, it's a pleasure to see him again. And what about Muse ? Yes yes, he has my vote !!! I suspect he's going to break some hearts here ;)

Vaclav, 04/June/2015

Somebody fetch me a bucket of ice before my testicles explode!! This was hot hot hot! What a fabulous pairing - both models are super-sexy and looked like they were really into each other. Loved the look of Alex's milky skin against the more tanned Martin. I could hardly contain myself when Martin collected spit from Alex's mouth on his finger and then put it in Alex's arse. Alex is already looking like a top-tier bottom. Congratulations, Staxus, you really know how to pick great models.

Aino Wave, 04/June/2015

PS. How about a scene with Roman Smid giving both Alex AND Yuri Adamov a good seeing to??? I would try to picture that in my head but my trousers were fresh on this morning. If I got on my knees and begged would you do it?

Aino Wave, 04/June/2015

Sorry, don't rate this one. New boy Alex doesn't do it for me. I agree with biggerthebetter. Just my opinion, though.

London81, 05/June/2015

Pure masculine Power. Superb Vide . Alex is a delightful little Lion and fucks as God. The Penetration of Alex it is truly a holy Act: powerful, deep, hard, most manly. Nice that Martin has squirted load in holy Ass of Alex, with evident Satisfaction. Video so are shown in Schools, because the Kids learn the nobility of homosexual Love. Fortunately, now also in Italian Schools it has been introduced to the Teaching of Gender, to make it clear to Children in primary Schools and young People in high Schools that gay Love, oral Sex, anal Sex, Masturbation are wonderful Things. They are pure Spirituality. In my Opinion, in all theSstates of the World we will need to create a Ministry for the Spread of Homosexuality, why gay Love is the real Cement for Society. Not only Homophobia should be a Crime everywhere, but should be a Crime not to practice Homosexuality, freely, on the Beaches, at School, everywhere, as the most noble and holy human Activity.

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

i wrote only Nonsense

Paolo Rome, 22/July/2015

A great fuck and I would have loved to have fucked that young ass bareback and dropped a huge load in that ass.

hornynipples, 22/September/2015

Wow... nice squelching out the cum from that tight little asshole... great views of Alex's cock and balls as he is being fucked senseless...

Thom, 08/January/2016

wow, love the cum in the ass!! Can we please get more videos like this one - BREEDING!!

late4swim, 04/February/2016

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